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Laura Frank

"Days Gone By" is the latest release by the up and coming,  Laura Frank,  who hails from Australia, that has caught the attention of those who love Country music and a toe tapping tune.  The track opens with electric guitars chuggin slowly,  but by the song’s emphatic chorus Laura's vocal soars effortlessly, unshackled from fear and doubt.  Produced by ARIA and Golden Guitar winning producer the self-penned track is about metamorphosis, which Laura Frank has certainly experienced in the last several years.

“I’m toasting to days gone by,” belts the brazen Country singer, as she sheds her skin, bidding adieu to the struggles in her past. “[It’s] a thank you to the lessons learnt, the mistakes made, the journey had,” she attests. “Or more accurately a ‘Thank you, but I don’t need you anymore’.”

The music video for "Days Gone By"  was self-produced with her partner, Nick Morrissey, the two are very self sufficient DIYers. The stunning clip features Laura in the driver’s seat of a 1950 Chevy and as Laura has stated,  “From the concept, to design, hair and makeup, set, videography to editing, Nick and I have been doing it with just ourselves,” she says. “It’s the first time I’ve driven a left-hand drive car... it was strange but didn’t take me long to get the hang of it!”

Laura has always been heavily involved in the arts. Raised in Charlwood, Queensland, she discovered her passion for singing while attending dance lessons as a child.   The singer-songwriter draws from her love of rock poets like Bruce Springsteen and Brandi Carlile, as well as contemporary trailblazers, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, to influence her edgy Country sound. She has written and recorded a number of charting singles including "Things I’d Rather Do" and "Leave It All Behind" which  reached the top 10 in the Australian Country Music Charts.  Laura's singles "Pretty" and "Simple Girls" made it to number one on the iTunes Music Video Charts as well.


Most recently, Laura joined the ever popular ‘Write Like A Girl’ showcase at the 2023 Tamworth Country Music Festival. She also took home the award for ‘Most Promising Future Star’ at the Australian Country Music People’s Choice Awards.  If that’s not enough indication of her growing popularity,  her hometown launch of the new single sold out of tickets in under 24 hours!


As Frank’s lyrics suggest, the days gone by haven’t always been smooth sailing. Only a few years ago
she was pouring froths at a brewery, shortly after ending a long-term relationship and closing down two
businesses which she’d run for the better part of a decade. Songwriting was her therapy, and Frank
formulated the genius idea to leave her home in Brisbane for her family’s property in the Scenic Rim.

“This 100% changed my life,” exclaims the singer-songwriter. She now lives on 250 acres of eucalypt
forest with her partner, Nick Morrissey, in a home they built together from recycled materials.
“Because we were passionate about sustainability and being considered custodians of the planet it
was important to us to lessen our impact on the environment whilst we were building.”

Frank has always been heavily involved in the arts. In fact, while attending dance lessons 4 to 5 times
a week as a child, she discovered her passion for singing. “We were rehearsing for a ‘Song & Dance’
number in one of our dance classes when my teacher said to me ... ‘Laura... I think you can actually
Her career as a singer/dancer saw her perform in productions of ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Grease’ alongside
heavyweights Travis Collins, Simon Burke, Christine Anu & Dami Im.

Laura says, “Over the years I put up walls and built castles around myself to protect myself from the disappointment, the failures and the mistakes. In more recent times, I've started to knock those down and forge a new path. Without those experiences or lessons, I wouldn’t be the person I am.”

Laura Frank has proven herself to be  an artist that demands our attention. "Days Gone By" is a feel-good toe tapper and its energy is rivalled only by its authenticity. As she closes the chorus with “Stepping from the shadows to the light”, you can hear in her voice and will believe she’s living and embracing every word. 


The dynamic Laura Frank from QLDs dreamlike Scenic Rim is undoubtedly an international Country  star on the rise with her edgy blend of Country Rock.  

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