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Mark Taylor



The official music video for new country artist Mark Taylor’s critically-acclaimed single "Dust Off That Dirt" has now been released . "Dust Off That Dirt"  was written by Mark and fellow artist Dan Harrison, is already a  fan-favorite reaching almost a quarter of a million streams .  Taylor's song has also been added to terrestrial AM/FM radio across the Northeast and Southeast and has received international airplay as well in Australia, Ireland, London, Switzerland, and the U.K. making it a rising international sensation. 

The "Dust Off That Dirt" video brings tje song's sense of real and authenticity to the limelight. “It’s about driving to the middle of nowhere and raising ‘a little hell’ with friends, and that’s exactly what we did with this video,” Mark has stated. “It’s about kicking the dust of the dirt ‘literally’ and not being afraid to let loose and have a great time.”

After getting off the road playing major country festival bills this year  Mark Taylor also dropped an acoustic version for the fans.  Both  versions of "Dust Off That Dirt" are available to stream everywhere digitally.  In its studio form, the track offers a feel-good party anthem that Mark typically kicks his shows off with. Produced by renowned Leland Grant, Mark combined classic Country sounds with a Pop/Rock feel, giving the song an extra edge that captivates the audience and makes it impossible to stop listening. But by stripping away the production and musical decoration, so that it’s just Mark’s warmth and familiar sound coupled with an acoustic guitar, the acoustic version of the song takes on a heightened sense of a newly-intimate listening experience for his fans.

Mark Taylor is  Virginia born, Maryland raised and now Nashville based rising Country artist, who is taking the music industry by storm with his 90’s Country infused sound and soulful melodies.  Taylor has  already opened for Country stars Big & Rich, Bryan White, Joe Nichols, Jon Pardi, and Russell Dickerson to name a few, and played some of the biggest Country music festivals in 2023.  


With a few singles under his belt, his previous release, "I’m Down" was also well received.   As a songwriter, he has also written songs by Amii Stewart (singer of the 1979 #1 hit Knock on Wood), Whey Jennings (Grandson of Waylon), and more. Mark and his band toured around the U.S. and completed multiple tours so far, showing his endless dedication to Country music.


Mark Taylor has had a guitar in his hand since he was two years old and has never looked back. According to Mark, “My dad was/is a huge influence on my music career. He paid his way through college playing cover gigs in bars. By the time I was two years old, I was playing nonsense chords on a little guitar. By the time I was six and seven, I was playing in his band with a bunch of his friends." Obviously Taylor was hooked early and has been playing in shows all over the world since age 13, although sometimes they would lie about his age to get him into places so he could play.

While  his dad was a classic rock guy,  Taylor grew up listening to and playing everything from The Eagles to Billy Joel and found that he resonated most with Country music because of the storytelling.  

He draws inspiration from the greats including The Allman Brothers Band, the Eagles, Jake Owen, Mitchel Tenpenny, and Thomas Rhett.  Taylor attended college at Wake Forest where he studied Communications and Entrepreneurship. He also studied Criminology. “I loved my time at Wake but during the pandemic, it was a little rough. I would come to Nashville to write songs,” he recalled. Even still he would tour most weekends when possible. “On Fridays, I’d go open for people like Big N Rich and Bryon White. My professors were cool with letting me follow my dream which was a blessing.”

Mark's previous  singles “I’m Down” and “Buzzed On A Boat,”  achieved success on curated playlists.  Taylor is touring with the same band he had in high school and has played well over a thousand shows all over the world and completed multiple tours so far, showing his endless dedication to Country music.

Though he gets little sleep he confirmed, “We love being on the road because that’s where we’re happiest.”

At age 23, his whirlwind lifestyle showcases all his talents, whether that be performing on stage, writing new material, in the studio laying down vocals, playing the guitar, tickling the ivories, playing the drums, or even the ukulele, he combines the sound of modern Country and Classic Rock for his unique sound. 

Mark Taylor has said in awe, “I cannot believe the overwhelming response we are getting with "Dust Off That Dirt".   Country music lovers have supported this song immensely and it’s amazing to see the feedback that Mark Taylor is getting on stage and off.    Mark is becoming the new one to watch in Country music.

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