Halle Kearns  continues  making a name for herself across the USA with her energetically positive vibes and engaging live show.   The talented musician harmoniously fuses together well written country instrumentation with contagiously catchy hooks to create a very agreeable sound indeed.


We decided to find out more about Halle's journey so far and discover just what the future holds for this impressively vibrant musician. We've done some research and sent some questions her way...without further ado, let's explore the life of exciting Country Pop singer songwriter, Halle Kearns...

Born in Columbia (Missouri USA), the talented musician was very quick indeed to catch the performer bug - when at just six years old she started putting on concerts for her family and friends, singing her favourite Country songs. Just like that, her musical journey had begun...


Halle continued to craft her skills over the next few years, shaping out her sound and style. During this time the young music lover taught herself to play the guitar, using the internet to learn chords/scales/etc and playing hymns for her Bible Study. (PS: shout out to Ultimate Guitar & 911Tabs - if you know, you know!).


It was at the age of fifteen when Kearns appeared at her first Open Mic Night, a performance which firmly cemented the young dreamers desire to pursue a career within music...


Commenting on her musical influences Halle stated  "I have so many artists who inspire me! I was raised on 90's country - Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Martina McBride, and  I grew up listening to country hits radio. As I started discovering some of my own music, I fell in love with the delicacy of artists such as Norah Jones, Colbie Caillat, Ray LaMontagne, Kacey Musgraves, to name only a few.  Those two styles have undeniably blended and influenced my writing, production tendencies, and tonality."

"I have a strong vision for what I want my artistry to look/feel like. I wanna make sure everything is cohesive throughout my writing style, production, and visuals!" Halle commented further.


Once graduated from high school, Halle moved to Kansas City,  turning a page to embark on an exciting new chapter in her journey so far!   Jumping in head first with determination, she quickly started to accept internships with other musicians as well as managing radio tours.


Keen to learn all the skills of the trade, the young singer songwriter also made regular trips to the home of Country music itself, Nashville, to collaborate and write music,  picking up as much industry knowledge as she could along the way.


 Asked what  one could expect from one of  her  live performances Halle expressed "I LOVE interacting with my crowds and just making it as much fun for everyone as possible. I want my shows to be about each and every person in the room."


To date, Kearns has performed all over the Midwest, including supporting national acts such as Eli Young Band, Tracy Lawrence, The Oak Ridge Boys, to name a few.   2020 marks  a promising new phase in the Halle's career with the release of her single, 'Pick Me Up', in  August.   

Halle demonstrates a clear talent for songwriting and singing throughout her track 'Pick Me Up' , making use of well structured and dynamically pleasing instrumentation, as well as giving a committed and powerfully emotive vocal performance. The track is accompanied by an enjoyably fast paced and well edited music video, collaboratively shot/directed by Ceci Mula, Cierra Porter & London Kearns.


Kearns followed this up with her latest offering to the world, her single 'I Drink Whiskey',  recently released  in September. Once again, the young singer songwriter provides a beautifully alive vocal performance set to the backdrop of satisfyingly clean and tightly locked instrumentation.

The future looks incredibly bright indeed for this young singer songwriter and we can't wait to see what comes next!

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