Lexi Jordan


Rising country artist Lexi Jordan releases new single “When We Were”   Jordan seamlessly blends stylings reminiscent of early 2010’s Country/Pop with moves that would be considered more recent. This auditory direction is clever, as the track’s lyrics look heavily to the past and nostalgia. It’s fitting that the clean country instrumental would encapsulate this theme as  “When We Were” is a track reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s early sound.


Jordan captures the irreplicable feeling of adolescence  and the audience is reminded of young love, a time when many of us have fewer preoccupations. It’s a pure, strong love, and listeners might be reminded of easier times and new beginnings.  As we grow older and life hands us more responsibilities our worries extend beyond finding “Mr. Right” as Jordan says.  With a sonically powerful, but soothing instrumental Jordan takes us back to our youth, reminding us of those careless summer nights. 


“When We Were”  was co-written by Jordan, Dariann Leigh, and Lyssa Coulter, and drips with nostalgic reminiscing that connects with the listener and pulls them back to remembering their own younger days.   The softer tempo of the song lends itself perfectly to Jordan’s vocals as she utilizes her voice in such a way that you can feel the smile on her face as she vividly sings about her high school days, best friends, and knowing every corner of their little town like the back of her hand. 

However, it’s the waver that Jordan injects into her voice as she comes out from behind her reminiscing and back into the here and now perspective that gives a deeper depth to the song, as the wishing she could go back/knowing that she can’t emotion quivers through as she sings of how she never imagined that what they had back then would be the very thing she’s missing today.

Confessing of leaving the life she once knew behind in the rearview as soon as she could, she uses the chorus to then reiterate that the days she least expected to be missing, have become the days that she can’t ever forget.

This is a song that certainly upholds Jordan’s notion of meaningful lyrics and stories as it expertly hits on all the different emotions that we all experience as life begins to change and pass us by. However, the song also acts a brilliant reminder that when life is moving too quickly for us, we need to take the time to calm the storm by slowing down and remembering who we are and where we come from.

Growing up, Jordan always had a strong connection with Country music for the catchy melodies and the meaning behind the lyrics as well. She grew up listening to Country music mesmerized by the stories told through the genre.  Lexi continued to discover those stories to help her cope through difficult times.


Through her early teenage years, Jordan struggled with stage fright, whether it be a school presentation or performing in front of the family.


In September 2016, after years of performance and vocal training, Jordan was presented with the opportunity to perform at the historical Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. She accepted the opportunity and allowed the moment, stage, and music to take her out of the reality she had known and place her into something larger.

 This led to a self-revolution far beyond what Jordan ever imagined possible. She continued on to perform at Indian Ranch, "New England's Home of Country Music” and The Big E, the sixth largest fair in the nation. In 2017, Jordan accepted Female Vocalist of the Year by NECMO and  was also nominated for five 2020 Worcester Music Awards, accepting the "Best College Act" award.


Her debut single "Highway" was released to all streaming platforms in August 2021 and was featured on iHeartRadio. The song explains her personal struggle in following her dreams despite the negative opinions of others.    “It can be easy to talk yourself out of your dream when everyone is telling you it’s “too crazy”. Chasing any dream is scary to begin with, let alone when others are telling you you’re ‘not ready’ or ‘the timing isn’t right,'” she says. “I learned that only you know what your soul’s purpose truly is and to never let anyone tell you differently.”   Lexi hopes people feel a sense of freedom when listening to “Highway.” She wants it to inspire others to follow their own path even if others are pushing them towards another.  

Since then, “Blame” , an incredibly transparent, heart-tugging story was released as a way to tell the story of a previous toxic relationship. She hopes it will help others heal from their personal pain as well.   That very poignant message combining with her already solid track record is more than enough to elevate the buzz for this soon to be Nashville resident as she continues to boldly forge ahead on her path and make her mark on the genre one lyric at a time.

Her move to Nashville is set for this coming fall. Jordan hopes to continue inspiring others to embrace fear and chase something larger. She continues reminding herself, "a dream is only a dream until you find the courage and decide to chase it".  Jordan's goal is consistently inspiring children and adults to follow their dreams no matter how big or crazy they may seem. She reminds herself every day that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and "a dream is only a dream until you put it to work".