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In August 2022, Luke Flear released his album “Looks Country To Me”.   This is Flear's  first official step into Country music, the genre he has been naturally growing into over time. The album consists of 12 tracks, all with every instrument played by the multi-talented artist.   The album explores countless themes of ambition, addiction, love and hate in true Americana style.  Pen in hand and a stage to take to, Luke Flear is the newest face to take on the challenge of conquering Country music in the UK.

Taken from Luke’s album of the same name, 'Looks Country To Me', is Luke’s first foray into Country music. The song is most definitely a quintessential Country track that captures the true essence of Country music. The song is 4 minutes 10 seconds in length and Luke’s strong, gravel like vocals capture your attention immediately against the steady pace of the arrangement which is a mixture of electric guitar and banjo adding to the country vibes.  The lyrics seem to be reminiscent of childhood memories  acknowledging  Luke’s English roots, and explores  his finding and identifying with Country music.  Luke has placed equal emphasis on the music and story telling of the lyrics in the track and it will leave a lasting impression on you.

Both the title track and 'Alive', sets the album’s mood with flecks of banjo and solid choruses.   “Alive”  is a banjo heavy tune that talks of the drive to hit the road and take the world on, resisting the easy life, no matter how tempting or peaceful it may seem. 'Tassels and Flares' is a simple “Rock n Roll” Country tune about the clothing choice of your better half.  The song swings its way through catchy melodies and outrageous lyrics, making it a stand out and pretty typical Country/Rock tune on the album. 

'Left My Heart at Home' is a traditional acoustic Country song about travelling the world to chase your dreams, but feeling the heavy conflict of missing home, the place you have always belonged. You know to achieve what you want you have to push yourself, but can't help but acknowledge that the success always seemed easier to conquer from the comfort of your home and of course comes with a cost.


'Cross the Line' is the first song written for the album and is  a tribute to classic Country music as it is a story in itself.   “Walk the Line”, “Somebody Like You” and “Tennessee Whiskey” are three of the many songs snuck into the storyline.


“Red Vodka” is the deepest, rawest cut on the album. The song explores themes of addiction and self control, which offers up the question on what “Red Vodka” actually means and represents. What starts as a slow piano ballad becomes a heavy driving cry of help, and the heaviest statement on the album.  Luke’s voice is given light reverb throughout making it clear without being punchy, akin to that of Sam Palladio (Gunnar from Nashville).  


Born in Leeds, England and raised surrounded by his family’s love for music,  Luke first picked up the drum sticks at 3 years old. Guitar, piano, bass and banjo soon followed. He has performed  his original music and classic covers across the UK and Ireland since the age of 15, releasing several singles he wrote and recorded himself.  Since 15 years old, Luke has been consistently performing across Europe as a solo artist, and recently made his move into the UK Country Music Scene.


Through the purity in his songwriting, his instrumental virtuosity and his natural love for the stage, Flear is among many others bound to change the UK’s relationship with the genre. Every instrument you hear on record is played by the 20 year old himself.   Normally when I think about Country music, I immediately think about Nashville, but after being introduced to UK artist Luke Flear, I might be inclined to think again! Especially after listening to his track 'Looks Country To Me'. 


'Looks Like Country To Me' is Luke Flear's first foray into Country music, and his first official album release.  From rich, raspy vocals and roaring guitar solos to acoustic deep cuts and piano ballads, Luke Flear is classic Country with a modern unique twist. Through the purity in his songwriting, his instrumental virtuosity and his natural love for the stage, Luke is among many others bound to change the UK’s relationship with the