Miranda Easten is a Country songwriter, singer and performer originating from New Zealand.   Miranda thoughtfully transports emotions from abstract parts of ourselves to a tangible part of our being. Using honest storytelling her music draws from experience using authentic lyrics to invoke connection and a sense of relatability to all who have known suffering and love, unifying each and every one who is in possession of a heart.

Supported by a masterful philosophic and poetic lyrical viewpoint, Miranda’s music is an observant journey which blends heartfelt emotions with memorable melodies through an expressive delivery. Carving out a comforting realness Miranda brings messages of shared imperfection with an emphasis of preserving hopefulness through times of sorrow and happiness.

Miranda’s first single "Cowboy Lullaby" was met with acclaim from critics and showed immediate success quickly rising to #16 on the Official Top 40 Country Music Chart in Australia. (April 2020) "Cowboy Lullaby" is an honest take on how a deep love can bring the simplest of everyday moments into a conscious part of ourselves.

In 2010 Miranda charted on the Christchurch Radio station 'The Breeze' singing a cover of "Till it Feels Like Cheating" by Jewel who is a major influence to her sound and style.  In 2012 she featured on the Voices Of Country compilation album which was released by Compass FM.

From a young age Miranda started writing poetry which naturally led into writing songs as she loved turning feelings and emotions into something tangible. She gained her singing ability through performing with the Christchurch School of Music choir and went onto study Contemporary Music & Performance at Ara Institute of Canterbury Music Arts.

In 2014 Miranda  formed a duo called The Manuka Set with Vanessa Kelly who had three No.1 hit singles in New Zealand with "Deep Obsession - Cold, Lost In Love and One & Only", released by Universal. (1998-2001) The Manuka Set has created several songs and music videos which illuminate current events and social issues. Recently they created a music video entirely underwater to highlight the peril our oceans are facing with plastics and other synthetics.

Miranda has also worked alongside Greg Johnson, who is a New Zealand singer/songwriter and Producer based in LA. .  Miranda was the executive producer for his album "Swing The Lantern" and collaborated with him on "Stay and Stars & Dreams", which was released in 2019.

In the past few months Miranda has been recording her debut album at Roundhead Studios in Auckland with world renowned producer Greg Haver (Melanie C, Kimbra) along with Tom Healy and Cass Basil from the band Tiny Ruins and keyboardist Stephen Small.

Miranda’s next release "Only One" is set for release in May. The production throughout "Only One" is multi-layered, featuring a hand-picked team of musicians playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and omnichord. “It’s an uplifting song about proclaiming an unbreakable love for someone, when it feels like no words are adequate or worthy enough,” Miranda says. “I’m a sucker for love and other people will find the song very relatable. It’s a classic love song.”

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