Raised in rural Indiana, Jordan Brooker grew up consumed by the sounds of mid-late  90’s and early 2000’s alternative rock. He was heavily influenced both melodically and lyrically by artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Soundgarden,Third Eye Blind, and Augustana to name a few.  Jordan is part of a close-knit family, but knew early on that if he wanted to chase his dreams, he would need to branch out of the small town that shaped him.


With a deep belief in taking risks, and an undeniable support system, Jordan decided to take his interests to Nashville and pursue an artist career. Since moving to Music City, Jordan has spent ample time honing-in on his craft as a songwriter and artist.  His songs reflect an era of romanticism, yet remain timeless.  Onstage, Jordan's loud Rock’n’Roll choruses mixed with his moody, piano-driven ballads, take his fans on a journey through his life. "Music gives me the ability to connect the common threads of my life with some one else's no matter how different the details maybe.  My hope for you is that you can find yourself somewhere between the lines of these songs," Jordan advised.


Jordan is signed to Warehouse West Entertainment, an artist development and music publishing company founded by his producer,  Grammy Award winning Luke Wooten.    Jordan and Wooten were brought together by fate, and the internet as  Wooten was scouring YouTube for a video of Dierks Bentley singing with his daughter when he came across Brooker covering that same song.  Immediately, he was so  impressed that he tracked Brooker down on social media and since then, Wooten has been producing Brooker’s new music.

Jordan creates buzz for himself with his gritty and soulful baritone voice and he recently completed his first nation wide tour as direct support to Drake White & The Big Fire.  His debut self-titled EP has garnered over 5 million streams and has spotlighted him as one of Pandora's 2019 Artists to watch. 


As a songwriter he was recognized by the Association of Independent Music Publisher's in 2018. He recently celebrated his first #1 song on Australian Country Radio with the Wolfe Brother's"Storm Rollin’In".  He also co-penned one of Luke Combs most recent releases "Refrigerator Door” on Combs' album “What You See Is What You Get.” 


It's of the utmost importance for Jordan to have a balanced life and stay true to his values and he finds that his vision wall helps keep his focus and his mind clear.   Jordan has  a clear path to accomplishing his goals.    When he's not in the studio or on stage, you can find him spending time with his family and new bride Ashley Satto and  his dogs, and enjoying his favorite pastimes such as calligraphy and wood burning.  .    

Look forward to hearing more about Jordan Brooker  and his impact on  Country music.   

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