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Johnathan Len

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Johnathan Len has just released his newest album "Image of Me", a twelve song work of art that includes his 2022 single "The Mightiest of  Men".   Following up on his self titled first album "Johnathan Len" from 2020 and his numerous well received singles since that time Johnathan has kicked off his tour in support of "Image of Me".  


Inspired by traditional Country music  with his own unique  modern twist Len's exceptional vocal performances evoke emotion through nostalgic melodies and timeless lyrics.


The Paducah, Kentucky native began his career as the lead singer and emcee of the acclaimed vocal quartet Blend before launching a career as a solo artist. Amongst his honors, Johnathan Len has recorded and shared a stage with friend and mentor, Ronnie McDowell. Len has released a number of singles, a self-titled album and given hundreds of shows since then. His 2020 single and video for “A Woman Like That,” received rave reviews by critics and fans alike. His brand new album is titled, "Image of Me," featuring his own writings, as well as his own renditions of classics by Elvis, Conway Twitty and more never-before-heard songs. Johnathan Len is more than a singer and songwriter though, he is a true entertainer, embracing close ties with his fans of all ages as he tours nationwide.

His family wasn’t particularly musical. The music he loved dated back to long before he’d been born. He grew up too bashful to get up on a stage. He never took voice lessons until he was in college, but Johnathan Len is most definitely destined to sing. You could hear it from behind his bedroom door, where he would croon Buddy Holly songs into his mother’s hairbrush. Even then he showed indications of an exceptional voice and, more surprising, a wellspring of emotion that nourished his approach to melody and lyrics.

Johnathan has come a long way since those days back in Paducah, Kentucky. Building on a foundation of ’50s R&B and classic Country music.   He  has broadened his range, vocally and stylistically and  shed the last shreds of his shyness through years of performing,  first with the acclaimed vocal quartet Blend and then as a solo artist.

Johnathan was first moved deeply by a particular song at age five.  As he has stated, “I was watching TV when Back To The Future came on.  When Michael J. Fox goes across the stage with his Gibson ES-345 guitar, playing ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

Years later, while attending John A. Logan Junior College in Carterville, Illinois, Johnathan auditioned for a student doo-wop group. He got the gig and soon they debuted at a regional talent show. That group, whose name was Blend, kept performing after college. Bookings poured in, to the point that Johnathan gave up his job as an elementary school teacher to perform full-time. One day in 2013 they drove into Columbus, Ohio, to showcase at the Ohio Fair Managers’ Association Convention. After exiting the stage, he saw and introduced himself to country superstar Ronnie McDowell. Later, in a nearby small hallway, when McDowell idly began singing the Platters’ “Only You,” Blend impulsively joined him on harmony parts. Within two months they had signed on as McDowell’s backing singers on the road and for his next recording date in Nashville.

“Ronnie told us, ‘Y’all are like the modern-day Jordanaires.’ What was even cooler was that when we were cutting our backing vocals, Ray Walker from the Jordanaires came into the studio and sang with us!”

For all the success coming their way, Blend dissolved due to family and other obligations, however as their lead singer and emcee, Johnathan was able to continue as a solo artist.


The sensitive lyrics and soaring melody of his first single, “You Will Never Leave My Mind,” gave him an ideal showcase for his artistry. It was, in Johnathan’s words, “a game changer for me, even as an unsigned artist.”

He’s released a number of singles, a self-titled album, his 2023 album "Image of Me" and given hundreds of shows since then.


When the pandemic hit, Johnathan switched to Facebook Live concerts and then started driving out on weekends to surprise fans with solo shows on their front porches or in their backyards.

His single and video for “A Woman Like That,” from JOHNATHAN LEN, released in late 2020 included a  clip that  was filmed on Corpus Christi’s North Beach. It’s a tale of yearning and finding love, set to an upbeat Country groove and starring locals recruited by Johnathan himself.

Johnathan has a lot of heart, you can hear it in his voice and in the songs he writes and records.   Clearly, more people of all ages and tastes discover that Johnathan Len speaks and sings for us all.  Whether on a spacious stage or in someone’s backyard, he knows how to leave his fans satisfied and yet hungry for more.  Once you have heard Johnathan Len's newest album "Image of Me" you will be a fan.   Even better follow up by catching one of his dynamic live performances as he tours to promote "Image of Me". 

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