Molly Lovette

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Following the success of previous singles 'Love You Loud', 'One Woman Show', 'Lovin’ You' and her holiday releases,  Molly Lovette showed us a different side with her emotional release,  'Break a Heart'.  

Following her sassy and female empowerment releases, 'Break a Heart'  has us discover a more vulnerable side of Molly.   Entrenched with tender and emotionally rich vocals, this song is not your ordinary breakup song as,  “This is a song about being on the other side of a breakup,  being the one having to break up with someone else, and how that can be just as hard,” stated Molly. 

The self penned track follows Molly as she recounts the steps of a relationship and attempts to figure out how to let the person down as softly as possible. “I wrote this song almost two years ago. I was at a point in a relationship where it just wasn’t working out. No one did anything wrong, but I just knew in my heart it was time to end it. I wrote down the phrase ‘How do you find the words to break a heart?’ and immediately picked up my guitar and wrote the song right then and there,” expressed Molly.

After a whirlwind year of touring and performing all over Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, and her home state of Missouri, Country sweetheart Molly Lovette also received an incredible honor from the State of Missouri, on behalf of Governor Michael L. Parson.  Molly’s publicist, Nicole Zeller (owner of Brickshore Media) and her acclaimed producer Jeffrey Teague surprised Molly and presented her with a recognition letter from the State of Missouri yesterday. “I thought I was coming in for a meeting with my team. I cannot believe this happened instead,” says Molly whom was completely overwhelmed with this honor. “I am honestly shocked and so grateful for this honor. You have no idea how thrilled I am to get my home state approval for what I am doing.  This is my passion.   And a special thank you to Governor Parson for this. I will treasure this letter and hope I can continue to make Missouri proud.”


Molly's song released  in the spring of this year, “Hey Hey” has a complete and exciting storyline. As light as this song feels, the underlying sexual tension makes you want to follow the story to the end. Not only was this single fantastically written, but it also was produced just as well. On top of all of this, Molly adds just enough twang to fuse the contemporary and traditional country music elements together. Molly is proof that you can bring Country music into the 21st century without having to destroy it with “Hey Hey”  

However, her song, 'One Woman Show' remains her favorite release to date as she stated, " I love the message of women empowerment in the song! My hope is that people will listen to that song and remember that they are capable of anything." 

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Molly and her two siblings grew up in a very close-knit family. Deep rooted in tradition and faith. Music was another tradition that the family passed along to their children as well. Molly’s mother was always playing music throughout the house when she was young, and her grandmother was known to write music and always sing to her. Molly admits that her dad definitely has some Country roots as well that influenced her love for Country music, in fact her parents took her to her first concert , Tim McGraw,  at the tender age of 5!

So, it wasn’t long before her family’s love for music translated over and became Molly’s love for music. She was in every talent show from kindergarten on and remembers putting on small “concerts” for her family and babysitters from a young age. “My parents have told me that as a toddler, I would sit in front of the air vents and sing for hours so I can hear myself through those vents.”


After high school, Lovette went to Murray State University for a year.    The summer before her freshman year of college at Murray State, Molly began working on her debut album. By the time Christmas break rolled around, she returned home and played her first full band show at her own album release party. This moment was the turning point she needed in order for her music career to become her main focus. Over three hundred people came to support her and the venue made a record-breaking total that Thursday night which boosted Molly’s confidence in her music abilities.


But, three weeks later she was back at Murray State sitting in class. “As the second semester continued, I remember sitting in class and all I wanted to do was play music. I would write down lyrics in my notebooks and sit in my room and play and write in between all my classes.” She started booking some gigs at school that all proved to be successful. Her confidence was at an all-time high. Then after seeing a video clip of one of her favorite performers, Bon Jovi, she knew she couldn’t hold back from her dreams.  This further enhanced her passion for music. “It was then and there that I knew I had to take a break from school if I wanted to make music my career.”

Once again, Molly mustered up the courage to tell her parents andT though she was terrified to tell her parents, their support to pursue this dream of hers only further solidified her decision. “They said that as long as I am happy, they’re happy. That was one of the most eye-opening experiences for me, seeing how much they will support me in whatever I am doing.”  After conferring with her parents  the three of them decided that she should do music full time. Molly moved back home to St. Louis, Missouri for a little while before moving to Nashville.


Lovette said she has been writing songs since she was little. “Obviously my songs when I was five years old aren’t like my songs right now,” she said. Her writing has improved with time and experience.  Molly has been able to have the invaluable experience of networking with other writers. “Anywhere I go now, any round I play, there’s somebody there that I know,” she said, adding that she has been able to do a lot of co-writing. 

As to her inspiration for songwriting Molly commented, “I write all my songs about my life and my experiences and hope that people can relate or pull some sort of message or something from the songs.  I hope that people will feel like they have someone on their side when they listen to my music.  If we’re feeling sad, we go to find a song that relates to us. I hope that people can find that with my music and find comfort in listening to a lot of my songs”. 


When the pandemic began last year,  she said she has learned  not to take things for granted. She said she did a weekly series on Facebook lives and she would like to continue doing that. “I feel like somehow I was actually able to connect more with the fans and people through social media and things,” she said. Lovette received messages after the shows sometimes from people saying that they really appreciated her doing the shows and looked forward to them.   Lovette would perform any song her viewers requested,  regardless of whether she knew it. She provided links to a virtual tip jar and merchandise sales in the captions, and viewers tipped every week. The reception to Lovette’s performances has given her hope during a financially tumultuous time and  her Spotify streams, Facebook shares and merch sales have all increased.   With over three quarters of a million combined streams just on Spotify, numerous TV appearances, press interviews, radio placements, music videos airing on The Country Network, a Forbes feature, and so much more, Molly is taking the world by storm and winning the hearts of country fans everywhere.  

According to Molly, "One of my favorite things about being a Country artist is that I have the opportunity to touch so many lives. Music can heal, it can make us feel a little less alone in this world, and if one of my songs or lyrics can change someone’s outlook or mood, then that is a huge success for me. After putting a band together this past summer, I’m so excited to get back on the road in 2022, sharing my music with more and more people. I also have a few songs that are ready to be released that I can’t wait for everyone to hear". 

With musical influences including Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, and Carrie Underwood, Molly aspires to embody the beauty, power, grace, and relatability her idols have so effortlessly portrayed to their fans. With her unyielding confidence and passion to create real and honest music, nothing is holding Molly back from capturing and captivating Country music fans across the globe.