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Noah Guthrie


Noah Guthrie's  latest album, ‘Blue Wall’ is a terrific record that sits comfortably on both sides of the Americana/Country music divide. Punchy when it needs to be but equally happy taking a smoother and more reflective route.  Guthrie can really sing, and is as adept at a smooth falsetto as he is a bluesy rasp akin to Greg Allman.   Noah Guthrie has earnest, breathless vocals that are perfectly evocative and powerful in  a unique blend.

Excited about the release, Guthrie has commented, “If I’ve learned anything in the past two years, it’s that I should never take the love I have in my life for granted. Listening to this album makes me feel more connected to my home and those I love. I hope that when others listen to ‘Blue Wall,’ it will remind them of that as well. I have lived with the songs on this record for a long time, and it feels great to finally release them all into the world.”

Blue Wall features songwriting from Adam Roth, Tim Bruns, Adam Hambrick, Jessica Roadcap, and others, in addition to Noah’s textured and genre-bending vocals. Blue Wall serves as Guthrie’s 3rd album of original music and appears to be his most personal and best songwriting to date. 


The opening track, “Hell or High Water”  has a real power-rock energy that sets the pace for the rest of the album.  “That’s All” highlights a rhythm that grounds you while the rest of the song unfolds in a slow, thoughtful fashion.  Lyrically, Noah crafted a song of the one who wasn’t meant to be. ‘High Enough’ is a standout.   Guthrie and his team don’t includd filler keeping the quality of songs and performance remaining high throughout.   The  album showcases the epic balladry of ‘When You Go’  along with  ‘Only Light I Need’ and the gospel-tinged ‘Last Time I Think Of You’.   “Things to Fix” is  an emotional recognition that there ain’t enough hours in the day to fix  the things we need to fix,  or to fix the relationship either.  


The album concludes with the title track, which again finds Guthrie with just an acoustic guitar for company, it proves to be the only instrumentation required, as Guthrie paints cinematic images with his words that transport you to the ‘Blue Wall’, the name the Native Americans gave to the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s a lovely track that fittingly closes out the album.

Noah writes songs about real life. Songs about the joys and sorrows of love, loss and everything in between.​Although still in his mid-twenties, South Carolina based Noah Guthrie began his songwriting journey in his early teens and has played hundreds of live shows.   Noah has toured Europe 5 times and recently performed in the Middle Eastern nation of Oman.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Noah grew up in a home filled with music. Always singing around the house, Noah credits his dad for teaching him to learn his true voice and hone his gift. When he was fourteen, Noah received his first guitar and started writing songs. As a practiced musician on the bass, guitar, and trumpet by the time he was 13, everyone around him knew early on that he had an innate gift.  Guthrie taught himself to play guitar and began writing songs at 14.  By the age of 18, he had performed over 200 shows across the U.S. and built a strong following on social media. Noah continues writing his own brand of Americana/Country music and has released two original albums that have received critical acclaim. 

Guthrie found fame covering chart-topping hits as well as through his pivotal role as Roderick Meeks on the hit TV show, Glee.  In addition to Noah's recurring role on Glee, he has also performed on NBC's, Today Show and Tonight Show as well as two performances on ABC's, Dancing With The Stars.  He received national attention with his blues-filled version of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It,” which, to date, has received over 25 million views. When you listen to "Blue Wall" it's clear to see that his skills are better put to use creating original music.


Throughout his young career, Noah has opened for wide variety of artists as his powerful, soulful voice and beautifully crafted songs appeal to a wide range of audiences. He has opened concerts for or performed with ​ Ed Sheeran, Willie Nelson, Delta Rae, Ben Rector, Corey Smith, Sister Hazel, Matt Nathanson, and Dwight Yoakam.

Continuing to write his brand as an Americana/Country artist, the South Carolina native has earned a reputation for honest and authentic music representing his life. Noah Guthrie  has built a strong following through social media, television appearances, touring internationally, and releasing two critically-acclaimed albums.   His commitment to releasing new content has cultivated a dedicated fanbase online and has garnered over 85 million total views, and 512k engaged subscribers on his YouTube channel. 


Listen to the album overall as a breakup album.  In the midst of something traumatic, Noah Guthrie has given us an album of wistful nostalgia and gentle hope with Blue Wall.  The voice is fresh, yet familiar. It’s rich with emotion and texture that makes each lyric resonate. It’s a voice that sings the song “to” you, not just “at” you. 


Noah Guhrie is one of the most talked about new voices in music, steadily building a name for himself as a singer/songwriter. His richly textured voice is capable of conveying the emotion of a lyric as only a handful of artists can in today's music world.

‘Blue Wall’ is a fantastic record from a singer and songwriter with much to offer.  We’ll be hearing a lot more in the future from Noah Guthrie, but in the meantime, ‘Blue Wall’ sets the bar pretty high for 2022.