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With the release of his debut single, “Drinkin' Boots,” Colt McLauchlin takes center stage, poised to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary Country music landscape.  The culmination of  extraordinary encounters led to the creation of Colt’s self-penned debut single, “Drinkin' Boots”,  recorded at Nashville’s illustrious “The Rukkus Room” recording studio.   The track emerges as a testament to Colt’s prowess as a songwriter and performer.

“Drinkin' Boots” exudes an infectious charm that resonates with country music aficionados and newcomers alike. Colt’s crystalline voice and strongly realized lyrics are the cornerstones of this captivating single. What sets him apart however, is the remarkable self-assuredness and creative confidence he brings to this debut release. In an industry often dominated by conformity, Colt masterfully strikes a balance between pursuing his artistic vision and adhering to the high standards set by his esteemed colleagues and peers in the country music realm.


“Drinkin' Boots” effortlessly navigates the mainstream currents while retaining its core country authenticity, complete with a toe-tapping bounce and a delightful fiddle twist. In a musical landscape where country has found its place in the mainstream flow, this distinction is more significant than ever.  The backbone of “Drinkin' Boots” is built upon rolling basslines, fiery guitars, and thumping drums, all of which drive the groove-driven momentum of the track.  McLauchlin unleashes his full-throttle artistry as he vividly unravels a narrative brimming with fun-loving exuberance.

Colt McLauchlin emerges as a promising beacon of authenticity hailing from the heartland of Southwestern Ontario, where the rural expanse weaves its rhythm into daily existence.   McLauchlin’s devotion to the country genre is an indelible thread woven throughout the tapestry of his life.  Colt McLauchlin was raised on a farm near Petrolia, in Southwestern Ontario and country music has been the soundtrack to his life for as long as he can remember. The origins of Colt’s journey into the world of country are firmly rooted in the fertile fields of his family’s farm. It was there, alongside his father, that young Colt McLauchlin first discovered the transformative power of country melodies.

As the tractor roamed the fields, iconic tunes from legends like Jimmy Dickens and his hero, Alan Jackson, filled the air, igniting a passion within him that would shape his destiny.  McLauchlin’s entry into the world of music was marked by humble beginnings, as he found his voice while harmonizing with the radio and strumming his first guitar. Dreams of a life steeped in country music began to crystallize, and as he honed his skills through guitar lessons and attendance at country music concerts, his trajectory was set.

A pivotal moment arrived when Colt McLauchlin, just 15 years old, was invited to join his uncle, the seasoned music veteran Dave Braswell, on stage. It was an invitation that not only solidified his commitment but also marked the turning point in his musical journey. The allure of the stage, the adulation of fans, and the camaraderie of fellow musicians became his driving force.  He was hooked…then he was booked! Next came a five-piece band, weekend dances and more country festivals,  this time as a performer, gaining fans and friends with every show.


With every performance, he garnered new fans and formed lasting connections, steadily carving out his place in the country music scene.  But Colt McLauchlin’s ambitions knew no bounds. His unyielding determination led him to the epicenter of country music, Nashville, where he graced the stages of renowned venues such as Margaritaville, Rippy’s, Legends, Tootsies, and even the hallowed ground of his hero, Alan Jackson’s Bar.


As fate would have it, at one of these performances longtime tour manager, sound-man and film-maker John Power was in the audience, and very impressed. Soon John connected Colt with, multiple award winning songwriter and music producer, Thomas Wade.  All of this has led to a songwriting collaboration with Thomas, and recording sessions at Nashville’s storied recording studio, “The Rukkus Room”. 


Now his impressive and infectious newly released "Drinkin' Boots" music video is now available to view on YouTube and Nashville Country TV.   Within the last month, Colt has also released his second single "Redneck Money"  written by, Rodney Janzen and Ryan Brashears to all music platforms. 


As the first chapter of Colt McLauchlin’s musical odyssey unfolds, “Drinkin' Boots” stands as a resounding testament to his boundless talent and unwavering dedication to the country music genre. With a farm and mechanic’s work ethic, he remains true to the values instilled in him by his early heroes, particularly Alan Jackson: work hard, try hard, believe in your dreams, and watch them materialize.

In “Drinkin' Boots” Colt McLauchlin emerges as a beacon of hope for country music enthusiasts worldwide. With a song that effortlessly bridges the divide between tradition and innovation, McLauchlin’s star is undoubtedly on the rise, and his journey promises to be one that resonates with country music fans for years to come. As he continues to carve out his path in the country music universe, Colt McLauchlin is an artist we eagerly anticipate hearing more from, and “Drinkin' Boots” is a promising prologue to a vibrant career that lies ahead.




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