Robbie Harte has released her latest single "Reason to Rise" which has been greeted with much anticipation.  Harte is  a New York based singer-songwriter, who is originally from Montreal, Canada whose fans describe her as unique, inspirational, and powerful. From a young age, Robbie really wanted to be involved in music and always dreamed of becoming a professional singer.

That dream was put on pause 14 years ago when Robbie had to go through something she never would have imagined,  after a life changing injury left her with chronic pain, and also resulted in the loss of her ability to sing. . However, Robbie’s music is what made her heal. She gives credit to music for helping her get through this troubling time. In a way, this helped her realize music is what she would want to do for the rest of her life.  Four years ago, Robbie decided to sing her heart out, no matter how difficult it was.

Five years ago, Robbie was compelled to follow her dream to sing, no matter how difficult it may be. She was inspired and motivated by the desire to show her young daughter (who was diagnosed with Autism) that a disability should never stop her from chasing her dreams.


Each person describes success in a different way, but for Robbie it began a short 2 years ago in 2020 when she released her single “17”.  Since then, there has been a succession of releases including her holiday single, “Home Is Wherever You Are” and her Debut EP, “I of the Storm”  released in late 2020, followed by her original song "Outside My Window" in September 2021 ahead of World Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day.


Inspired by a young life cut short in her own community, it speaks to how we never know what goes on behind closed doors or  behind the brightest smiles. When  Robbie first learned of this tragedy, she was shocked to know that someone she knew had been suffering a battle in silence and I had no idea. This person had actually  helped Harte during her hard time, and yet she  had no clue they were fighting demons of their own.  Robbie was so devastated, so she did the only thing she could do,  write a song.   At first, Harte hesitated to release this song because of the sensitive topic, but she  felt it was necessary to share an important message, and hoped it would open up dialogue on Mental Health.

Since the  release of "Outside My Window", so many people have reached out to share that this song helped them, and Harte has had so many people thank her for sharing this song and shining the light on a subject normally kept in the dark.  Harte is also incredibly proud that “Outside My Window” recently won (Bronze) Single of the Year at the 2022 ISSA Awards in Atlanta, Georgia, and was nominated for “Country Single of the Year” at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville.


Harte also recently released her rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" in December 2021, and "Handle with Care" in January 2022. Robbie followed with her  single "Too Pretty to Be Home" and now her latest release "Reason to Rise".  Robbie has showcased her ability to write and tell a story with depth and emotion in her music.   


Gaining airplay on radio stations around the world, and landing on a variety of charts, Harte's music has not only charted many times in the number one spot, but it also won her two ISSA Awards, and multi-2022 Josie Music Award nominations. With all these accomplishments it is easy to understand how you can look at Robbie as an emerging success story.

Currently, Robbie is working on more projects in the studio. Robbie has also been given the opportunity to go to Atlanta, Georgia to perform at the ISSA awards. She was a finalist for Songwriter of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Single of the Year for "Outside My Window", Rising Star and Emerging Artist by ISSA. She was also nominated for Female Country Vocalist of the Year, Country Single of the Year for "Outside My Window" and Pop
Artist of the Year with the Josie Awards.

Robbie’s daughter, Kayla, was diagnosed with Autism. Robbie has always been so supportive of Kayla, she is always encouraging her to follow her dreams, demonstrating that she herself  hasn't let her disability stop her from living her dreams, or overshadow her or her abilities.   She continues to be an autism advocate and a loving and caring person.  


Robbie Harte is a very talented, driven,  artist with immense gifts.  Robbie Harte is going places, and it was a pleasure to get to know her as a person. Robbie is simply amazing at who she is and what she does and her fans admire her powerful voice and natural talents.

Written By: Kayden Gordon