Ronnie Call has over 20 years in the music industry and is a Nashville recording artist singer/songwriter.  However until now it has never crossed his mind to record a Christmas song even though Ronnie says Christmas is his most favorite time of year.   Nothing can beat spending time with loved ones, enjoying good food, family, and friends making memories.  Recalling  the Christmases growing up as a child he says, "Although we didn’t always have much, we had food on the table, a warm roof over our head and most importantly we had family and that’s always been important to me,  so this Christmas song in many ways touched my heart. ,


Call said even though he didn’t write this song, and waiting so late in the year before deciding  its time for him to record his first Christmas song, he had to hunt for that perfect song.  A song that was special to him and that others could relate to as well, emphasizing the  importance of writing and/or choosing to record a song that would touch the hearts of his listeners.   Like many songs do for him during the holidays Ronnie searched for a song with the partiular criteria of  “Keeping me cheerful and feeling festive” .   Searching for weeks,  listening to dozens of songs  from different writers he finally found the "one".  Call said, "I knew this was the song when i heard the first verse, ' CHRISTMAS IS WAITING FOR YOU'.   When you listen to the words you will understand where I’m coming from being an artist,  touring and playing shows all through out the year this was my story a few times.  During the holidays my work,  my life’s passion,  kept me on the road till the last minute, but my wife and family were always waiting for me to get home."


"This past year has been one of the most difficult trying times I’ve ever seen in my life.   I have learned to really appreciate the little things, that we all sometimes take for granted like spending time during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays together.   Choosing to record this song was not just with myself in mind, but for all those that may not get to be home for Christmas with their loved ones.  People like our military, health care workers, police officers, and many more, that need to be on their job on even the biggest of holidays.   I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas because somewhere, sometime “CHRISTMAS IS WAITING FOR YOU” .


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