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Ronnie Joudo

Ronnie Joudo is back on the scene with a brand new studio single, "Roadside Angels"  Ronnie is an award-winning Country singer, songwriter from Sydney, Australia. He developed a love for distinctive sound inspired by Country music and Americana, but with a fresh modern twist. Ronnie’s vocals are deep and present, anchoring the mix with a solid narrative and an engaging lyrical style that sets the bar higher in terms of excellent and production aesthetics.

'Roadside Angels'  is a song about a miner who would travel 1 1/2 hrs to work every day along an outback road. He would reflect on the crosses, monuments, flowers and pictures on telegraph poles, fences or pinned to the ground, on the side of the road. He thinks about how sad it was to have lost their lives whilst travelling on the road, who they were, where they were heading, and how difficult it would have been for loved ones to have found out about their loss. He calls them “Roadside Angels”.   Ronnie considers this a true story that needed to be told. 


As we all have true stories, Ronnie himself ponders that , "We sometimes reflect on things that we had and wished that we could have done just a little more even though you did your best.  On my part, I think back and I wish I could have made my mums life a little better. With my long hair and a rodeo heart I tested her blood pressure a few times over the years on the farm, but she always loved me and always had the door open no matter what.  A Widower with eight kids who never showed her pain when she was hurting and she always kept Jesus in our hearts. I love you mum." 

To his credit, Ronnie has had 4 top 40 hits on Australian independent charts and he was awarded the title ‘Australian Songwriter Association Finalist in 2020’ for his single ‘Falling in Love in Galveston’ from his new EP ‘Damn This Town’.   Enlisting the talents of Rod Motbey at Tracking Dog Studios for the production og his EP ‘Damn This Town’, and Jay Seeney of Blacklist Productions for the inspiration behind his  ‘Roadside Angels’ music clip, Ronnie has brought his talents to the forefront of Country music in Australia and is gaining recognition around the world.  


If you are a fan of artists like Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, as well as Chris Young or Keith urban, you should definitely check out Ronnie Joudo and his music. “Cruisin’ Along” is a radio friendly Country Rock song with a melodic vibe and a fantastic arrangement, featuring some lush vocal harmonies, beautiful piano parts holding the song together, as well as great fiddle parts that add movement and depth to this mix.  The verses are beautifully laid-back, while the choruses are wide open, truly taking off up to the sky!

If you are a fan of traditional country music with a modern touch, you should definitely listen to Ronnie Joudo and his music.Learn more about this talented country artist Joudo and do not miss out on Cruisin’ Along, which is currently available on Spotify as well as other music streaming platforms on the web.