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Ronny Criss' debut album called "Highways" was released to an anxiously awaiting  fan base and public in July  as he’s been slowly teasing us by sharing  a handful of  standout singles prior to the release.  As the newest artist signed to Nashville’s Rainfeather Records, Ronny Criss is steadily making waves within the genre, especially over the past few months. As "Highways" came to fruition, the rollout has been immense with four singles shared before the release entitled “Ten & Two”, “It Ain’t”, “If It Rains Like This Tomorrow”, and “Tanks of Gas”.   Ronny Criss is a Nashville based singer/songwriter rooted equally in Rock and Country, his music containing elements of  Indie Folk and glimmers of classic Country and Americana.   


The one constant in all  of Ronnie's offerings on "Highways"  is the heartwarming passion behind his vocals that make their way in through each track.   Ronnie has the vocals and talents to become a star in any genre, with  his storytelling and compositional skills on the highest level Country music lovers should be set to embrace this upstart.  Instrumentation presented is bright and vibrant, however his music really does rely heavily on deep lyricism to effortlessly paint a picture from the start to finish. Criss is directly inspired by personal events and experiences in his life and that comes through flawlessly on everything out so far.


Born in Forrest City, Arkansas the son of a  trucker and raised in both the North and South, Ronny’s lived experiences in Southwest Chicago to the farms of Eastern Arkansas inspiring his songs.  Ronny had a breakout year in 2021 releasing four new singles from his debut album Highways, three music videos, on air radio performances, with  great press all around.  "Highways"  released in July 2022 was recorded in famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN and is a signature work of art for Ronny.   The theme for the album has  the road or the highway playing  a supporting role in the story of life these songs tell.

After moving to Nashville and writing thousands of songs over a 10 year stretch for countless different projects, a special theme emerged in his writing touching on a deep seeded need to tell a personal story in a universal way.   Some of these songs are brand new, some over a decade old, but together they're a study on the lifetime search for one’s heart and soul in difficult world and a perfect story to tell for Ronny’s debut solo achievement. Each song expresses different sides of the human desire and struggle to find the person or place we’re meant for. From beginning to end Highways is a beautiful and vivid ride through the landscape of the American heart and Ronny’s as well.

Ronny has  also crafted tunes for Country duo Indigo Summer, Kyle Jennings, Scott Kurt and many other up and coming artists on the Nashville scene, but his individual success began as a member of the Indie Folk duo Sea Changer whose debut single "Heart is Home feat.  Birdtalker'' went viral in 2019 racking up nearly half a million streams. With Sea Changer Ronny has written, recorded, and produced some amazing artists such as Birdtalker, Molly Parden, Grace Askew and Reed Waddle!

Ronny's hard work and talent is really making strides on the Nashville music scene and with his varied life experiences evident in  every lyric and note. At  Ronny's  shows his smooth vocal timbre draws you in, connects deep, and makes you feel right at home. His brand of Americana Rock is both classic and original all at once and sure to get you on your feet calling for the encore.  Ronny  Criss is finding his niche with his own particular style and his album  "Highways"  is the perfect vehicle that we speed him to the top.