Country music artist  Shane Owens has done it again,  loaded with the full extent of his southern charm he's remained true to his traditional Country sound with “You Go Good,” the first single from his upcoming 6 song EP due in early 2023.  "You Go Good", is an infectiously exuberant up-tempo Country love song with a strong hook  that keeps traditional Country pure at heart.   

Owens describes how some things just fit perfectly together, whether because they match or are opposite, like how a “Sunday needs a sermon,” or as opposite as Hollywood and red clay Georgia.  But all Shane knows for absolutely certain is that “you go good with me.” Owens’ distinct voice shines and his powerful vocal range combined with the emotional lyrical content of his songs has made him a favorite of fans, critics, and fellow artists alike.   “I’m so excited about the new single ‘You Go Good!’ shares Owens. “It’s one of the best songs we’ve ever recorded. Great up-tempo tune. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks to everyone for supporting it!” shares Owens.

Owens’ “You Go Good” made the top #3 most downloaded and top #3 most streamed tracks on Play MPE, demonstrating Shane’s unique ability to relate to every listener. His previous single, “Music Man" broke into the top 40 spot on the Country Breakout Radio Chart reaching #34.  Shane Owens is known for  delivering modern-day sounds while honoring and respecting his beloved traditional Country roots.   Owens always pays homage to his heroes and stays true to his own style.   From playing the world-famous Grand Ole Opry with his debut in 2017 and appearing in many CMA festivals throughout his career, Owens’ most recent single “You Go Good” is another reason that proves he is and will continue to  dominate the industry.


As with all of Owens' songs, his smooth yet bold vocals shine with his signature Country sound, infusing a contemporary feel to tunes but somehow always balancing his traditional style to the forefront.  Owens is back in full swing with brand new music and shows for fans of all ages to enjoy. When COVID shut down touring Shane went back to the recording studio and recorded songs he will be continually releasing culminating in a number of 6 song EPS, the first release being planned for February of 2023.   


Named by Rolling Stone Country as one of the "10 New Country Artists You Need To Know," and awarded 2018 Music Row Independent Artist of the Year, Shane Owens has been building a strong following for more than a decade.  Shane hand-built his  career in the honky-tonks and country clubs of the Southeast,.   Owens grew up in Alabama and some would say his young years were the classic American upbringing, centered on family, faith and music. 


Owens old-school values  shine through in his catalog of popular singles such as “Everybody Dies,” “Hard Luck Girl,” “Love Me To Death,” “Love To Try Them On” “All The Beer In Alabama,’ “19,” “Country Never Goes Out Of Style” and so many more. Shane is a mastermind at blending the classic traditional Country sound with  modern edge and has  worked closely with a roster of Country music’s top songwriters to achieve his goals. 


 “Like a lot of my favorite country singers, I grew up singing Gospel and traditional Country music,” Owens says. "We listened to George Jones, Johnny Paycheck, Conway Twitty and so many of those legendary voices who paved the way in Country music. The Grand Ole Opry was a staple in our home and continues to be today!” 


With more and more young ones discovering Country music there is definitely a swing back to more traditional styles and Shane Owens is perfectly positioned to be a top artist.  Making  his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2017, beginning as a self made road warrior Owens maintains an active schedule of barroom shows and festival appearances.


In February 2020, Owens debuted on the world famous Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree. He also appeared at CMA Music Festival, Jamboree In The Hills and other major summertime events. Cracker Barrel has included Owens’ music in several of the store’s exclusive releases, including Country Faith America and Country Faith Love Songs.  Netflix included his song “Country Never Goes Out Of Style” in its extremely popular series The Ranch.


Although 2020 and the first part of 2021 was a strange time in the world, Shane used this time to stay connected with his fans through weekly Facebook Live acoustic shows and countless interviews. He has been busy as well  in the recording studio and  wrapped up many songs that will be included in his upcoming EPs.  Shane Owens continues to move forward, but he also remains firmly planted  in the sound that launched his career, breathing life into his signature style that is not only unique but  fresh and familiar.


“I’ve grown my business the old-school way,” he explains. “I played the honky-tonks for years developing myself and my sound. It can be tough when you’ve got a traditional sound, but I can’t be anything I’m not. Merle Haggard, George Jones, Keith Whitley, Vern Gosdin,  and Conway Twitty, they paved the way for me. I’m just trying to keep that music alive. If it was easy to do, everybody would do it.   And I’m nowhere near done doing it.” Owens’ new single “You Go Good”  is proof that he continues to bring his definitive sound to the forefront. 


Shane Owens makes traditional Country music for the modern world. Timeless and timely,  a classic sound with a contemporary edge, driven forward by a mix of Southern storytelling, Bible Belt twang and Owens’ big, booming baritone.   Enjoy Shane Owens' latest release "You Go Good" and get ready to hear a whole lot more from Owens as he releases his songs recorded during the pandemic in 6 song EPs.   DO NOT miss any of Shane Owens' releases if you are passionate about Country music as we watch Shane create a position for himself at the top of traditional Country music. 

                                                                     By Deborah Gibson