A product of Queensland's Northern sugar cane fields, hot summers and cyclones, the Vixens of Fall are a reflection of their homeland. Sweet, hot and a little bit crazy!

Born and raised in the tropical North city of Cairns, the group consists of three sisters Kristina (Nina), Adrienne (Wren) and Anneliese (Lulu).  Their home was a close one, infused with the songs of their Father, who was a songwriter and poet and would play his guitar every morning before work.   With their Father's talent  combined with the love and encouragement of their Italian descended Mother this trio's mega talent was birthed.  With a pot of coffee on the stove and the accompaniment of his daughters harmonies, the scene for the Vixens formative years was set.


In 2000 the family moved from Cairns to Brisbane, settling ultimately in the Northern region of Redcliffe by the sea. Despite there being an eight year age gap between eldest sister Nina (28) and the youngest Lulu (20), the girls nevertheless fostered a sisterly bond that included all the characteristics of children brought up in the safety and security of a well-nurtured, loving family home with firm Country values at its core. Kinship, fanciful role-play, dancing, singing, laughing and of course arguing, were all a part of the Vixens childhood years. As Nina recounts “We’d argue of course, but always get through it. We’d fix issues by apologising and hugging it out… these days however we Vix (1) it with a glass of wine!”


The girls earliest influences came through the music of their home. The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton and Creedence Clear Water Revival were all a part of their Father’s morning repertoire and began the girls early passion for song. Once old enough to establish their own musical tastes and the inevitable influence of popular culture, the three would meander through a musical role-play in their bedrooms to the tunes of The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Bewitched and perhaps most notably influential to their end sound, Shania Twain. 


Taking to performance early, as part of the ballet, in dance and through drama groups, the three girls seemed inevitably destined for the stage. Their coming together as ‘Vixens of Fall’ and their pursuit of the limelight as a serious group of vocalists came about in 2014 and since then they have worked tirelessly to capture the hearts and minds of their fans across the states. From 2016 onwards they have played numerous Country music festivals including the legendary Tamworth and Gympie Muster in 2019, received notable radio airplay and released two singles and an EP.

Working with Rod McCormack at his Central Coast studio The Music Cellar, Vixens Of Fall deliver 'The Long Game', a song they co-wrote with Rod as well as Nashville-based writers Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson.

"What a rollercoaster ride 2020 has been already!" add the group. "Ups and downs, loops, twists and turns. . . but what a ride! "We started the year off with a bang at Tamworth. We had 14 gigs over the course of the 10 days, made some amazing new friends and acquaintances, met some amazing new fans – which we like to claim as our Skulk (a family of foxes), we came second in the Aristocrat Entertainer of the Year, we won Battle of the Bands and we walked the red carpet at the Golden Guitars!  We had so many gigs lined up for the rest of the year. . . and bang! COVID. Well, that threw a huge spanner in the works. Super. As three young women who all have full-time jobs, gigs are a vital part of our livelihood as they help fund our entire recording process. But, as fate would have it, things happen for a reason.


Fast forward to February 2021and the Vixens of Fall released five singles, 'Break it Easy' , 'Wedding Ring', 'Make it Slow', 'Willin & Ready' and 'Angel from Montgomery'.   Out of the gate in 2021 at a whirlwind pace this talented trio of sisters are  making their mark on Country music with their talent and uniqueness.   

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