Born one minute apart in Beaumont, Texas, Jordan and Madison Skinner don't know life without the other. Jordan, an energetic and joyful child, always leaned on Madison when she needed to feel calm and still. Likewise, Madison turned to Jordan when she needed a laugh or and infusion of  her sister’s infectious enthusiasm.


It seems as if the twins were meant to be halves of a whole, their seemingly opposite looks and personalities combining to form a united front.   The duo discovered the beauty and authenticity of music early in life. At age 2, their parents would play all music genres on the radio and dance with them around the living room.


A constant stream of Country, Rock, Folk, R&B, and Pop music filled their ears as they grew up catching tadpoles in the pond and playing baseball in the yard.   Music  was something already inside the siblings as  from the age of 4 they had been humming along to every song they would  hear. By age 6 they were in community theater productions every summer until our senior year in high school.

By then, they realized we wanted to write our own stuff, and Nashville was the best place for us to pursue that.   They realized upon graduation that their true passion was in writing and performing their own music so they sought to grow their artistry by auditioning for Belmont University’s Commercial Music program. After being accepted, they

excitedly headed to Nashville twelve hours away from home to learn and grow in Music City.

In an effort to stay authentic to their past and sound, Jordan and Madison drew upon their southern influences and meshed them into their own soulful sound and harmonies. Their goal is to create music that sounds like home. Although they've been a duo literally since conception, they formed their musical duo Jaye Madison in August of 2017. 


Jaye Madison is now focused on writing and recording their originals and performing live around Nashville, Tennessee .  Jordan and Madison love working together, and as twins, don’t know life without each other. Jordan is naturally more extroverted, and Madison is naturally introverted.  Although their personalities are somewhat opposite, they don’t clash most of the time,  instead make up for each other’s weaknesses. 

Their 2020 release of their single "Down" has been spinning on radio worldwide.  They  wrote “Down” to pay homage to where they came from.  A fun, upbeat song ,  the twins wanted to make people feel like they were eating gumbo on their grandma’s porch in the summer.  



As you can imagine their parents have been their biggest fans from the start and  have always supported their daughter's dreams.   Jordan and Madison also have had a lot of musical mentors along the way,  a list they say would be a mile long.


Using social media to the max the sibling duo find it’s an easy way to communicate with everyone all at once!  They love that social media exists for artists these days and it allows them to talk to anyone in the world, at any time.

They promise every share and comment never goes unnoticed and they  appreciate their large fan base, and hope you’ll stay along for the ride! 

With the  Coronavirus changing the landscape of the near future, Jordan and Madison using this time to plan an album of original music. They have spent the last few years writing so much, and can’t wait to share it with everyone.  Releasing an album of original songs is their next big dream which the twins are pursuing with their usual gusto. 


Keep any eye on these talented twins Jordan and Madison as they make their dreams come true in Nashville and around the world.  


                                         By Deborah Gibson  

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