Growing up in the musical crossroads of east Tennessee, Mike Thomas began pursuing his love of music by performing, quickly becoming a staple in the flourishing Knoxville music scene in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Thomas relocated to Nashville in 2004  with the intent of pursuing a songwriting career, but quickly realized that his songwriting style and process were not a fit on Music Row.  Thomas took a decade long hiatus from writing and performing. During this time, he settled down, started a family and pursued a career in another industry, but never truly lost the itch to write and perform.


In 2017 Thomas jumped back into music by forming his band, and they quickly began to build a following, making regular appearances at legendary venues such as Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor, Douglas Corner Café, B.B. Kings and the Mercy Lounge among others. Drawing from a wide array of influences, Thomas’ music has been best described as “eclectic country with a vintage vibe”.   His raw but tender vocals is  paired with his careful lyricism that is  always brutally honest and utterly sincere.    Thomas released his first single "Lighter Shade of True" in March of 2020.    A second single "Sure Feels Right" followed in April and both songs have already amassed a combined a high level of  streams on Spotify.


While Thomas is thankful for his hiatus from the industry where he was able to grow his family, he’s had plenty of time to craft his sound and is now excited to release his first full length studio album, "Three Reasons"  The album is  available on SpotifyApple Music, and all other digital retailers now.  This 10 track LP, written by Thomas and produced by Tres Sasser, was a project that Thomas has been carefully crafting for quite some time. “I’ve carried most of these songs with me for years,” Thomas says. “It’s been a pleasure to finally bring them to life with the help of some very fine musicians on this record.”


In addition to being a musician, Thomas is also a father of three and a small business owner, so he admits the creation and recording process of making a full length record looks a little different for him than most. “My recording process is quite different, in addition to writing songs and playing in a band, I own and operate a small business so it’s challenging for me to take extended periods of time off. So rather than blocking off a week or two to write and record, I simply try to squeeze it in when I can.” Due to Thomas’ multiple roles in life and busy schedule, "Three Reasons" was a project that was actually recorded and put together over the span of an entire year.


Finding that balance to live, love and fulfill his many roles in life,  Thomas has found the balance to allow his passion for music and songwriting that has always simmered inside him to now form an integral part of his life and expression , and Country music lovers will be glad he did.  

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