Rowe grew up in Arizona, with a family that loved the outdoors,  which is reflected in her songwriting. She listened  to traditional country music as a youngster,  such as  Waylon, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash while taking drives with her dad or sitting around family campfires.    It was artists such as these that  influenced her musical style.

Rowe started singing at a young age when her  siblings, putting on shows for their family and later performing for  larger audiences at her church.   It was at a church performance,   where she met the producer who signed them to Atlantic records to record contemporary Christian music.  Although Rowe  had no prior training in songwriting,  her producer guided her through the process and also connected her with other songwriters so that she could expand her skills. “it was really cool to kinda take what we believe is our gift that was given to us—to be able to perform and sing and write—and have that refined by people in the industry.”

Eventually, the group went  their separate ways career-wise. Rowe went back to her roots in country music and was confident in that decision, commenting “Country music is a great place to be as a person of faith.”

While putting her band together, Rowe met her future husband,  he’s now her bass player. She is extremely grateful that she doesn’t have to spend much time away from her spouse, like  some artists do. She said, “So many people have to say goodbye when they’re hitting the road and that’s something that we’ve never had to do. I feel blessed that we get to see the world together.”

Shari Rowe has earned a reputation for capturing simplistic beauty, crafting each lyric and melody with truth, sincerity and artistic integrity. This Southwestern troubadour has spent her career captivating audiences country-wide, from front porch performances to concerts on the big stage, alongside artists like Wynonna Judd, Three Dog Night, Aaron Carter, and Diamond Rio.


Combining classic country and bluegrass elements with a stellar lineup of Nashville players, Rowe is changing the pace of modern country music. On stage, Shari Rowe is nothing short of enchanting, but it’s her ability to translate that same intangible star-power into her recordings that sets her apart from all the rest.


With a voice that sounds like home, Shari lives her life in the true spirit of country music, infusing her love of faith and family into everything she does, which ultimately led to her appointment as a Celebrity Ambassador for the Scott Foundation, as well as the Red Note Foundation. Most recently, Shari was selected to perform with industry legends industry legends Reba McEntire and Barry Manilow at the 25th Annual Celebrity Fight Night—wildly known as one of the nation’s most elite charity events. 

Whether she’s telling the tale of a twisted southern belle with “Southern Spells,” taking a risk with “Take That Shot,” or inviting you into her home with “Family Gathering,” Rowe’s magnetism is undeniable. Fusing classic country and bluegrass with a modern mix, Shari Rowe manages to meet the standard of commercial country without losing her Arizonan roots.

With her latest single, Shari Rowe takes aim for a direct hit. When you first hear “Take That Shot,” the new release, you immediately feel a sense of warmth and introspection.  Combining classic country and bluegrass elements with a stellar lineup of Nashville players, Rowe is changing the pace of modern country music.

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