Sisters in Country

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Sisters in Country is New Zealand Country Music Legend Jodi Vaughan & Kiwi Recording Artist Aly Cook hosting other Female Country Artists in Song.


Sisters In Country (Jodi Vaughan & Aly Cook) - Hey Jolene

This infectious country song is a brand new original country gem penned by the legendary Jodi Vaughan and is the first song release for Sisters in Country Duo, comprising New Zealand Country Music Legend Jodi Vaughan & Kiwi Recording Artist Aly Cook.. Hey Jolene - Sisters in Country is released on the Tasman Records Label.

Jodi reflects… “I came up with the idea around August 2021. A friend and I had this little thing we did. We would sing the words “Jolene Jolene Jolene please don’t take my man”. From there I came up with the idea that Dolly would never let another woman take her man, which is exactly what had happened. Dolly held onto her man then and is still with him now!! Hence Hey Jolene (I’m Takin’ back My man) is a strong message to all the “Jolenes” out there. If you are thinking about my man…DONT !!”

“It didn’t take long to actually write the lyrics. Roughly about an hour. The chorus came first then the story line, which just flowed after that, and the lyrics were born. The song was finished and registered with APRA 8th March 2022. So Great to get it out finally".

Putting the music to the lyrics was fun. I knew I wanted it to be right up there tempo wise and of course Dan Cosgrove has not disappointed with the backing track and first solo.The guitar solo he played set the bar so high I wasn’t sure what instrument could follow with a second solo .After careful thought I decided on harmonica and told Dan whoever plays this solo is going to have to live up to your high standard. He put out the call and found David Thorpe (Dunedin) whose harmonica solo is fantastic and definitely right up there. 

The video was even more fun to make, with Aly Cook as Producer. With her fun ideas and her expertise at putting it all together, we have Sisters in Country’s first video ‘Hey Jolene’.”