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Ma Bell is a comedian, singer/songwriter,  and DJ who knows that she wants to succeed in the music industry. Bell is a very talented lady who loves to get up on the stage and dance, play, and generally have a good time with everyone.  Kathy Bell, who is the talented person behind this amazing character, started singing and acting a bit older than most people in the business. She encourages people to discover that they are never too old to follow their dreams, no matter what age they are.


On the side, Kathy is not only an entertainer, but a DJ! She is always scheduled to do some wedding, or party. Bell never expected to be a DJ in her life, but she says that she enjoys doing it. Kathy has always had one dream. That dream was to be in the Grand Ole Opry. Bell’s father had taken her to the Opry when she was a child. She believes that God has placed her with the correct people in this industry.  She believes that everyone has a talent and that you should chase that dream!


 MaBell sings a wide-variety of songs, from Country to rock and Roll. Her first song that she ever created, wrote, and published out to the world was called “Fishing Blues”.  Some other songs that Kathy Bell has written are: 'Oh What A Friend'; 'Fishing Blues'; 'Break the Ice'; 'I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care', which was co-written with Danny Hardin and she has sang 'Talking to the Wind' written by Kathy’s mother, Amy Bell and many more.  In 2018, Bell won her first medal at the oddest places to win a medal for singing , at the Frankfort Festival. With the encouragement that Bell had from winning that medal, she realized anything was possible.


Kathy Bell was inspired to create a song showing the world that we may be struggling right now, but as a community and a society we CAN change the world.  Bell came out with her first song that became a hit with her producer Bob McGilpin called “America She’s Crying”.  Not long after this song became available on the radio,  it was picked up in South Africa and charted. 


Ma Bell also has appeared on the Kevin Shorey Show many times to show the world what she has “up her sleeve”.  Bell enjoys supporting many different organizations, such as “Radio for a Cause”, which is a LLC that was designed for people with disabilities who want to be a part of the media industry.  She has guest hosted a few times on their Sunday afternoon broadcast of the Sunday Remix.  She also has appeared at many different fundraisers to support many different events in Indiana  and Tennessee.


Kathy Bell’s advice to aspiring artists is “Always work hard.. Dreams aren’t easy. Reach for the stars .. Success doesn’t come overnight. Also, be willing to sometimes accept things that aren't exactly the way you want right now because there is always something better ahead.”  Kathy Bell continues to write more, and inspire people that they “can” have success in life.    


Written By: Kayden Gordon


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