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Dennis DiChiaro

Dennis DiChiaro  is an American Songwriter/Publisher who composes and produces 9 to 12 songs per year. He masters them in Nashville TN and at Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama, and considers himself beyond blessed to work with the most renowned and talented musicians in the world.  Dennis has written many hits songs recorded by well known artists.    Dennis' songs have received thousands of hours of radio play both in the US and abroad.

Dennis returns to Nashville regularly to record and master  new songs with The Grand Master musicians AKA…”The West Nashville Orchestra” along with vocalists that bring the best arrangements possible for his songs. Dennis has recorded and mastered dozens of songs to date.   Dennis is not short of awards either but his favourite is the Josie award in 2018 for Songwriter of the Year as at that time only one such award was given over all the genres that first year.  He continues to be nominated most years and has won other awards but that first one is the one he will always treasure.   In 2021 and 2022  he won the Holland Fairplay Country music award for Best Songwriter.   Now he attends the awards yearly as a judge of certain categories.  


Dennis is independent and wants to remain that way.   Although he has been offered a number of positions songwriting he does not want to give up the independence to write the music he wants to write, no strings attached and no demands that would stifle his creativity for the sake of commercialism.   Dennis believes that music is about whats in your soul, if you have not lived what you are writing about, likely not going to succeed.  As Dennis stated, "Good, bad or indifferent I lived all my music." 

DiChiaro technique is a little different than you might think.   To begin with he uses no computers, everything starts with a pencil, blank paper and an eraser.  Dennis writes the music score first, the music then drives the subject matter  and the story line develops.  No worry about any required "formula" or genre necessarily in mind.  Over the last ten years he has written country, new country and gospel but he would really prefer to ditch labels.  Dennis also does not co-write. 

Dennis also believes that his preliminary preproduction work on his songs is not only important but invaluable.    He also strives for beautiful as he finds there is "too much ugly in the world."  Dennis' goal is to write music "So it pleases the ears of God and therefore is a gift to give back to God."   


Dennis grew up in New York City .  He took lessons starting in 1968 in Bass guitar, staying with the Bass as he played with various bands.   When he turned 19 he  headed for the wild west, Colorado.  Going to College he majored in astro physics and minored in music.  He started writing music in 2013 when he had his first session in Nashville, where he now returns yearly to record, still at the same place with the same musicians.   As with most songwriters life intervened and for sixteen years, with the blessing of four children, Dennis traded his songwriting hat for a baseball hat to coach his children's baseball teams.  That just made his return, the awards for his music so much sweeter and gave him, of course,  so many life experiences to bring forward in his craft. 


One of his recenreleases through  Colt Records  is entitled "Beneath The Flag" and is a tribute song for our veterans which  hit the charts less than two weeks after it‘s release and is on it‘s way to being another giant hit for Dennis both in the US and globally.

Dennis DiChiaro's latest release, "When You Land" was recorded by Troy Johnson and Colene Walters with the  West Nashville Orchestra.   Listen to the song below and I am sure you will understand why Dennis DiChiaro has been so successful in his passion for songwriting by doing it his own way.  As Dennis stated, "Songwriting is a unique art that comes from within."  

                                                                     By Deborah Gibson 

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