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Don Quinn

Don Quinn might not be a recognizable name now, like most writers, but that has never let his tremendous creative juices be stymied.   Don Quinn has been called a songwriter chasing a dream one song at a time.   

It started in Don's youth when he started writing poetry.   Don found it cathartic and satisfying to put pen to paper and have his emotions tumble out onto a blank canvas, so to speak.   The way he got into writing songs, particularly Country songs is a fluke of its own. 

Don was working in a grocery store one day a a youngster and heard singing coming from the next isle over.   A customer was singing and composing right there and then a tune and at one point when the customer stopped, stumped for the next line, Don created and sang a line over the grocery isle.    This little bit of fun

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went back and forth until a song had been created without the two having seen each other.   The two met and the customer was amazed to find out that Don did not write songs, but poetry.    Amazed and inspired by the stranger's kind words Don Quinn was hooked on wrting songs. 

Although exposed to all genres of music in his youth, Country music due to its story telling soon became the genre that Don had accustomed himself to but it is true to say that some of his songs would definitely cross over and/or mix elements of other genres as well.    But the story telling of Country music attracted Don the most which is understandable with a poetry writing beginning. 

Don has  been married to his beautiful wife Cheryl for 37 years and they  have one son, Andrew. He describes himself as very fortunate for them both as they are his inspiration to drive his music forward.  As with all great writers real life experiences, trials, successes, tribulations make his music resonate with the listener. 


Don has some success with several songs he had co-written  with Bobby Swift that  central California Country artist Jason Cade included them in his cd.    Quinn has collaborated with many other songwriters but the three he has done the most work with  are  Bobby Swift,  Lee Martin and Ron Ryan .  Also the three people who have produced and played on majority of his  songs and demos are Travis Thibodaux,  Bryan Austin and Adam Cunningham. 


Don has not had the luxury, as it is with many song writers, of writing songs full time for a living.   He continues to do it out of the pure passion, love and thrill for creating songs.   It is in his blood and in his soul and there would be a huge void in his life if he ever stopped allowing his creative and talented mind to birth his magic, his songs.        


Don describes himself as a  songwriter building his demo catalog to pitch to artists, publishers, producers and labels. He is also a  member of BMI .   We chose Don Quinn to spotlight an amazing songwriter who deserves our attention and to provide recognition to a songwriter that is just waiting for that big break that may be just around the corner.   After all, this magazine spotlights deserving  independent artists , should any less attention be paid to deserving independent songwriters? 


You can find more of Don Quinn's music on  Facebook and Twitter @ Don Quinn Music, ReverbNation and YouTube

                                                        By Deborah Gibson 


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