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Stella Prince is a 17 year old singer/songwriter whose goal is to bring an authentic, acoustic sound back to contemporary music.  Stella makes a great start towards that goal with her  recent release of her self penned single,  "The Rain Might Fall".  


Stella always known her entire life that music was what she was meant to do.  Prince asked her parents for voice lessons at four years old and would put on a cd and play it repeatedly until she memorized the songs and then perform it for her family. So in a way Prince is just doing the grown up version of that and sharing it with the world.


With her  first time getting up on stage and singing at her school’s talent show was when she was five, and I getting a standing ovation, Stella was hooked on performing, understanding how rewarding it would be for her.   Although admittedly being obsessed with music since she  was around three, although she didn’t start studying seriously until she began classical training at the age of seven. Stella Prince can’t remember a time when music wasn’t her entire world figuring it’s a passion she was born with.

The Prince family always had music on, all genres all the time.  Song writing just seemed like a nuatural progression.  As Stella explained, "I wrote my first song the day my dog died when I was ten back in 2014. I was so upset because my dog Scout was like a sibling. He’d been with us my whole life. So I put all my emotions into writing my first song, “Old Dog.” It was a huge life moment where I realized I could put my feelings into something creative. I knew then that that was what I wanted to do with my life."

Stella continues to write songs from the heart, like her debut single “Before You Leave,” which beautifully painted the feelings of loss and sadness. Her sophomore single, “Scared”, also gave way to intense emotion, and both releases were critically acclaimed.   She also cites a unique array of influences including Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris.  

There is a maturity in Stella Prince’s talent that transcends her age, probably by decades. Her vocals don’t just offer an extraordinary range and the ability to hit celestially high notes  filled with the emotions of the lyrics.   Infused into acoustice Country Folk-Pop is a true sense of authenticity and soul.  Stella is also a proud member of ASCAP, NSAI, GSC, and spends her time between Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles.

Stella is beyond excited with  her recent  release of her self-penned and self-produced single, “The Rain Might Fall”  now available on all digital platforms .  “The motivation behind writing this song was the fact that none of us know what's going to happen next,” shared  Prince. “Something I'm constantly frustrated with, the idea of not knowing what my life will look like.”  “The Rain Might Fall” paints the picture of what it’s like to wait for change, a dream that time can suddenly move so quickly and everything can be changed forever. 

The New York native has performed in such venues as Nashville’s The Bluebird Cafe, Pig N’ Whistle in Los Angeles, Woodstock’s The Colony, The Falcon, and Club Helsinki. She has had virtual solo performances at Nashville Entertainment Weekly, Limelight Music, River Spirit Music, Sync Summit and at New York’s The Bitter End. Her previous release, “Scared,” also delved into the uncertainty of the future and allowed Stella to draw in listeners of all generations and genres with her vulnerable lyrics.  

Stella Prince is  so excited for the rest of 2021 after returning from a trip to Nashville her first since pre-pandemic.

She found it again incredible to reconnect with her team and friends, having  some exciting meetings and playing at some writers’ rounds. There are a lot of big things Prince is  looking forward to including a whole  lots of live shows.   As she states " It feels great to perform for a live audience again!". 

With Prince her whole goal is to touch people with her music.   Stella Prince believes,  "What keeps me going is the idea of me writing a song and then having it change someone’s life. Music is just so powerful."