Swedish Bike Babes  
"Passion on Wheels"

Bike Babes Sweden releases their very own song, sung by Swedish singer Lisen Elwin. The song is released on Spotify and other digital platforms and will give that extra spice to the Winter Holidays for everyone who loves motorcycles and longs for spring.

The song is called 'Passion on Wheels' and is written by Sara Bergqvist, Lisen Elwin, Emanuel Bagge and Karin Pontén. The song, sung by Swedish singer Lisen Elwin and produced by Emanuel Bagge, has a nice Country sound and is about sisterhood and the joy of biking.

Bike Babes Sweden is a motorcycle group for women who love to ride motorcycles. The group was started in 2014, has 2,500 members across the country and is continuously growing.  ”Who would have thought that there are so many women who ride motorcycles? The group is characterized by driving pleasure and open mindedness and in the group there is always happiness. Now in these dark times when people cannot do much other than sit at home and long for spring and high season, we needed our own song!” Says Karin Pontén, the group's founder.

The group operates through Facebook and unlike other online groups, the members must live where there is a Bike Babe group located so that it is possible to see and ride together.  ”The atmosphere in the group is fantastic and if you have a bad day, just go in on Facebook and get some positive energy from the others. It is also a very active group. Everyone can take the initiative for a run or other activity and during the summer there are activities of various kinds, every day.”

The song 'Passion on Wheels' is another example of how Country music can bring unifying passion to people who have a common interest.   

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