Steven John Simon

Steven John Simon from Louisiana grew up with a love of singing. While serving in the Marine Corps, It was a fellow serviceman that encouraged Steven to get up in front of others and perform. His vocal style features his smooth singing style, and he brings some of his cajun spice to the performances.  ”I want people to know that I was raised with Country Music in my blood, my parents listened to it, the old Country Music, and they were some of my fondest memories”.


Steven also had a strong sense of service to our country, so he decided that pursuing a country music career would be put aside for the duration of his service. The love of performing and getting his story out to his fans and the public became a reality, when he and his teenage daughter tried out for “The Voice” 2018 in Salt Lake City. Neither one of them made it through, but Steven was amazed at the experience and the bonding opportunity with his daughter. He felt that it was now the right time to spread his wings and tell his story through the music. 


From the moment he released his first single “Tongue Tied” and a corresponding video his career hit a steady stride in the beginning of 2019. After signing with Heart Songs Records, Steven started collaborating with other songwriters in the industry, vocal coaches and worked to refine the smoothness in his voice with songs that favor catchy hooks and the familiarity of his favorite influences such as Travis Tritt, Kenny Chesney, Luke Combs, Chris Janson and George Strait.  “That’s where my voice fits best”, Steven states.” He truly emulates and brings us back to the music of the 80’s and 90’s but with a modern flair that is radio ready. 


His latest single “Story To Tell”  is one of the most true to life stories that mirrors Stevens’ journey. It shows the tenacity of this singer, making music and a career in the industry a high priority in his life. Pitched to his label by singer-songwriter Rob Carona, Steven jumped on the opportunity to record the song because  he connected emotionally and lyrically with the song.


Steven wants to have his life be a story, and to tell it through his music. The lyrics and the melody of the song combine to bring the essence of a story that you can just chill out and listen to.   When Steven talks with you he is a storyteller, it feels like you are speaking with an old friend, comforting and familiar. He is one of the good guys and he is a great country artist, the world is ready for him.


Steven's debut EP "Story To Tell"  rounds out his first full year as a new country artist. The  EP will be released on December 13th 2019 and  "Story To Tell" is composed of five tracks including his first release "Tongue Tied"  

The last track on the EP "Should Of Been Me" was written by Steven John Simon and Rob Carona. The single is a personal reflection of the impact that serving his country as a Marine had on Steven.  The emotion of the song rounds out the evolution of his life story to date. It was important to Steven to include a song on this EP that references his time served in the military.   He celebrates his life with music and hopes that the EP will inspire others to chase their dreams.  

Steven John Simon  released  the EP in December during his annual Toys 4 Tots drive in his home state region. Last year Simon and his fans helped provide Christmas to over 250 children.  This year he is raising the bar, with more locations for toy drops with the hope that he can include a wider region of giving by bringing Christmas joy to more children.  He is working under the leadership of the US Marine Corp. Reserves in Lafayette, LA.. 


By releasing the EP this month, he will be using the press garnered to push this Toys 4 Tots campaign success. "This truly showcases the integrity of Steven and his philosophy that music is meant to inspire and give hope to others.  He has a selfless spirit." -Jill Pavel, Manager.  

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