Small town girl, big city dreams.


It all s t a r t e d when I heard “Clocks” by Coldplay on the radio. For some reason that three note melody captivated my soul enough to ask what was playing the three notes. That classic Coldplay hit led me to my first piano lesson in 2008, which opened the door to music for me. Although I grew tired of the black and white keys and endless lessons, I never grew tired of songs.

The year 2 0 1 0 brought me Taylor Swift and my first guitar (She’s purple and her name is Melody). How I got my parents to buy me Melody is a funny story that I used for my college essay, but we can save that for another time. After spending most 2010 afternoons watching Taylor Swift talk about songwriting in interviews, I thought “If I can teach myself guitar, I can teach myself to write a song!”. And that’s when my 2010 hits titled “Penny in the Rain” were created and will stay!

You have to start s o m e w h e r e. For me “somewhere” was strumming one chord at a time and singing words that sounded fun and new (that would never meet the public ear). Over time I replaced my tiny First Act guitar with a plethora of new guitars with different timbres. My guitar playing ability grew along with me. I actually hadn’t taken a guitar lesson until 2017 (Shoutout to Schief!).

When I hit high school in 2015, I started to take music more seriously. I joined the highly rated music programs at my school and became an involved member right away. Being a part of a music community made me realize that music is something I will always need in my life. On free weekends I would play open mics or record covers in my bedroom. I didn't evaluate my songwriting seriously until 2017, when I started to recognize what makes a song great. Ever since then, my goal has been to share my best musical ability to anyone who wants to listen.

The college search is what brought me Belmont. I was looking for a college that had songwriting as a major, and luckily that narrowed down my choices to about 3 colleges. Nashville, Tennessee was a place I always loved. My first visit was way before the college hunting season. I feel welcome, free, and happy there. I noted Belmont as my number one college due to the fact that I could grow a music career there. I applied, was accepted, and I will be attending in the fall of 2019! I cannot wait to see what music city will bring to me.

I’m from a small town. We call it DeLand. It has been a great place to grow up and experience the community of a musical college town (shoutout to Stetson!). Even though I love DeLand, I know in order to make it in the music industry I have a move to make. Nashville is the place I need to grow.

Yes, I’m from a small town.

But soon, my big city dreams will be a reality.

Join me for the journey!

-Sydney Shae



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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 22, 2020) - Rising country-pop artist, Sydney Shae announces the release of new single End Of The Night on all digital platforms on May 22nd. You can pre-save the upcoming single on all digital platforms.

"The song was inspired by an end of relationship fight with an ex that wasted my time. He told me he loved me then like 3 weeks later just stopped caring about me and cut off all communications. It affected me a lot because I felt so deeply for him," explains Sydney. "I brought the chorus line from writing in my journal the last night him and I were together, “we say we’re fine but we’re not alright, he didn’t say I love you tonight” and I brought all my ideas to a session with Trey Strange, and we created the masterpiece to make my time in the relationship worth it. We wrote the story about the beautiful December him and I spent together before he decided to disappear from sight."

Having grown up in Deland, Florida, Sydney Shae's musical output is an eclectic mix of sunshine infused country-pop that has been inspired by the likes of Kacey Musgraves and Abby Anderson. Already an established performer in Music City; Nashville – Sydney has performed in the stellar Gaylord at Opryland, The Row, Downtown Nashville, and many more esteemed venues throughout the city.

In 2019, Sydney showcased her inspirational lyrical style with the release of her very first self-written single 'Already Tried' before sharing a self-produced cover rendition 'Last Christmas' both of which helped to put her on the map as a leading voice within the country music scene.

Along with being an accomplished singer, songwriter, performer, and producer, Sydney Shae is also studying Music Business in college – a degree which will help her understand the music industry on a deeper level and allow her a stronger foothold within the scene as she releases her standout songs to the world.

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