Lockeland is a straight-up contemporary country with a throwback twist.  The trio’s blend of talents complement one another naturally and instinctively. The group’s polished,  easy-does-it dynamics, intricate three-part harmonies and simplistic, meaningful story lines are its signature. With a captivating, subtle, sneaking energy, whether in an intimate acoustic setting or a rockin’ full band show, Lockeland stakes its claim on the map to create a memorable experience like no other.


Since the launch of the trio’s debut single, “Til The Cows Come Home” , which landed in the Top 40 on the Country Breakout Chart, Lockeland has appeared on the CMA Spotlight Stage (CMA Fest 2019) and opened for Big & Rich on two separate occasions in 2019. The group recently embarked on an international tour (canvassing England and Scotland) where the trio provided direct support for CAM at Millport Music Festival and shared the stage at the Long Road Festival with other artists such as Kip Moore, Josh Turner, LANCO, Morgan Evans & Logan Mize.


Mark Vikingstad is from Long Island, New York, Michael Boris from Apalachin, New York and Kyndon Oakes hails from Independence, Kansas. The trio met in Nashville, the middle, to “lock the lands” and thus, Lockeland was formed. What brings these friends together is their love of life, humor and the mutual passion to create music that recalls pages from the past and captures memorable moments of the here and now. They have released three singles since their debut single of “Til’ The Cows Come Home” in March 2019. ​“Drive” was released in Sept. 2019 penned by Kyndon Oakes, Mark Vikingstad and Susie Brown and “These Hands” released Nov 1 2019 written by Kyndon Oakes.   Mark Vikingstad followed with  “Keep Us Young,” with official digital release on Feb 14th 2020 . The song was written by Kyndon Oakes, Mark Vikingstad and Michael Boris.

Lockeland released a peek into the making of the music in a behind the song video in support of their Country Breakout chart rising single, “Made for Mornings.” The energetic and fun nature of the trio is captured in the footage which was created and edited by band member, Mark Vikingstad alongside Dallas Dickerson and recorded at Blue Grotto Sound.    “We wanted to share the behind the song music video to show a tiny glimpse into the making of “Made For Mornings". We are happy to open the doors to the studio and let our fans in and allow them to see the massive amount of fun we had while recording this song,” exclaimed Lockeland. “We hope the fans love being a ‘fly on the wall’.” 


The upbeat tune with passion and emotion that promises to get stuck in your head was recorded by ockeland with their signature impeccable harmonies. Lockeland’s individual talents compliment each other instinctively resulting in a well polished, three-part harmony sound accompanied in the recording studio with Robert Williams (lead guitar), John Mason (bass), Kyle Pudenz (mandolin) and Eddy Dunlap (steel guitar.)

“Made for Mornings” is the modern day love song. The ‘party type’ meets his ‘sunrise morning girl’ and his life changes for the better. It’s a song that we hope encourages people to expect the unexpected and to hold on to the idea that love is a powerful force of change.
Lockeland music is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms. 

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