Taylor Goyette  broke onto the country scene in 2018 with a purpose of telling his own story when he signed to Nashville’s Galore MGMT after catching the attention of Emmy award winning songwriter Trey Bruce. The Florida native’s infectious melodies and poetic lyrics prevail in more than “Just Another Country Song” in  addition to three other releases under his belt. 

No stranger to hard work, Taylor literally crawled through a river of sewage to get where he is today,  releasing his (actual, first ever original) debut single, and with a string of follow-up releases in the pipeline that have already been turning heads.     Whitney Daane (Kobalt; Maverick) who signed Taylor to her Kobalt joint venture Dangerous Entertainment in August 2019.

Only five short years ago, while many of his peers were heading off to college, Taylor went to work pouring cement, laying sod, and yes, trudging through excrement while cleaning sewers in Cape Coral, Florida.  He did what he needed to do,  saving up money til he could hang up his badge at the water reclamation department, thoroughly wash his hands, and follow his dream to Music City.  It was quickly obvious to everyone he encountered that Taylor had brought that work ethic with him when he moved to Nashville, paying his dues with a smile as he relentlessly made the rounds through writers rooms and the local stages.  Ultimately he caught the attention of Trey Bruce (Emmy winning songwriter who discovered/signed Chris Janson and Brothers Osbourne) who signed Taylor to a management deal with his company GaloreMGMT in the Fall of 2018.

Taylor’s debut single "Dancin’ By Herself" is an uptempo, Classic Rock n’ Roll anthem with Country and Blues roots that melds Honky Tonk grit and swagger with the slickness and energy of an 80‘s power sing-a-long. One of four songs produced by Trey Bruce that will be released in the coming months, "Dancin’ By Herself" makes an immediate statement as a lead single with clear nods to some of Taylor’s most direct influences,  including Eric Church, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Seger.  The song is a compelling introduction to Taylor’s own unique genre/style mashup that he somewhat Osmond-ically (though not at all ironically) describes as “a little bit old school Country, a little bit Rock and Roll, and a little bit drunk on the beach.

“I wrote ‘Just Another Country Song’ by myself when I first moved to Nashville in 2014,” explains Taylor. “I was a little frustrated with the state of Country music at the time because every song seemed to be about a girl and a truck. With a humorous perspective and playful satire, I jotted it down in about 20 minutes. I brought this song to my band and they helped me bring it to life with a Rock ’n’ Roll rhythm section and 90’s Country-esque guitars.”

 With talent abounding and creativeness coursing through his veins,  Country music fans should be overjoyed that Taylor Goyette freed himself from his work in the sewers to his destiny in Nashville. 

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