Jennifer Emard

The powerful new song released by Jennifer Emard, is a pleasing change of pace when it comes to new music. Unlike most of what we hear today, Beautifully Unbroken has a very orchestral feel that pairs beautifully with Jennifer’s resounding vocals. The instrumentation in this haunting ballad consists of only keys, horn and flute, and a slight bass line. All these elements are exquisitely arranged together and provide a soul-stirring sensory experience to the listener.  With 24 years of vocal performance under her belt, you can appreciate her refined presentation which is rare, this song has no bells and whistles, just incredible music and a stunning voice.

Jennifer Emard is a singer-songwriter hailing from Terrell, Texas. She is a seasoned artist, performing and studying voice for 24 years. Having spent more than the past decade performing in groups she is currently working on her first solo project. 

She describes her music as Indie Pop, but she has an appreciation for all genres, growing up listening to every genre from Roy Rogers to Celine Dion. Jennifer tries to keep an organic sound to her music that is unique to what other artists are doing, with a raw yet artsy writing style.

Jennifer Emard is a hard working single mother of 4 girls with a wicked sense of humor. She is self taught on the keyboard for gigs, although she sometimes teases she doesn’t really play but is only faking it “like a wife” when she plays. She likes using instruments and melodies that lead you through the emotion of the story of the song. “I envision the song like I'm watching a movie and try to tell the story using instrumentation and lyrics.” -Jennifer Emard 

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