Bree Jaxson

Bree Jaxson is an independent American Country music singer and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. Her music incorporates elements of Rock, Pop and Jazz within the Country genre.   Watching live music as a child seduced her into the life of singing, performing and being in the industry by getting the inside recording experience from a very young age. 

While music is her passion and lifelong dream, Bree Jaxson has spent the last ten years serving in the United States Air Force.  Jaxson, a combat war veteran is currently serving with the US Air National Guard.  Her experiences throughout life have taught her that music can help you get through anything and that is what she is hoping her fans will get out of her newest music releases.   Her first career single “Kryptonite” was released in December 2018 and she will be releasing her upcoming debut E.P “This is Me” in early 2021.  In December 2020, Bree signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records.

Bree Jaxson has now also released her best single yet,  ‘Make Me Hate You’  which is a brilliant offering from the multi-talented singer-songwriter and one that pushes her towards stardom.    "Make Me Hate You",  depicts the anguish that comes with feeling conflicted about staying in a relationship.   It is about being so tormented by the uncertainty of your future together that you want your lover to wrong you just to make it easier to walk away.

"This song still breaks my heart every time I hear it. I wrote this from a very vulnerable and confused place. My husband and I were separated at the time and couldn’t figure out whether to pull the trigger on divorce. We knew we loved each other, but it wasn’t working. Nothing major had happened between us we just couldn’t get on the same page and I remember after seeing him, feeling like I wish he would do something to make me hate him so this choice would be easier and that’s when I wrote a song about it." Bree Jaxson 

In this powerful ballad depicting the trials and tribulations of love and love lost, Jaxson begs for a way to move on that won't result in regret. She doesn't want to end up missing what she had. At the same time, she doesn't want to find herself wondering about what might've been had she stuck around. If her partner would only give her a reason to leave him, she could move on guilt-free.

It’s a poignant starting point for a lyrical story and the emotive power ballad works perfectly for Bree Jaxson as it allows for her to showcase her incredible soaring vocal range, and gives her the opportunity to peel back the layers and show the sensitivity of her heart and soul.   With her crisp vocals and an outstanding ability to craft a real, relatable and raw storyline, Jaxson could never "make us hate" her! 

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