Country newcomers Golden West release their highly anticipated new single "The Fall".  “This song can mean a lot of things depending on what you’re going through. For us though, it’s that feeling of getting in over your head and not realizing it until it’s too late. Whether that’s a relationship, your mental health, or something else in life that’s consumed you. We hope listeners like the song and can connect with it. To us that’s the most important thing. We want to have that emotional connection with our fans,” the duo explains.

“We are so excited because this is the first of many releases for 2021! Over quarantine we signed an EP deal with the London-based label Audio Network, so we will be releasing a few more singles leading up to a 7-song EP in the spring."


Comprised of Brittany Knott and Taylor Nash, the pair’s pride is their pristine and airtight harmonies. According to Brittany, the old saying “Practice Makes Perfect” applies, as they have been honing their craft together for about eight years now. They  started playing in college in their freshman year, just hanging out and jamming, with  it evolving into this songwriting and duo.  Knott recalls that one of the things that brought them together was their love of music.

The two bonded over a wide variety of artists – ranging from Dolly Parton and Shania Twain to Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Taylor's separate influences run the gamut even more to Alternative and Classic Rock . Each of their diverse musical influences come to the forefront of the Golden West sound. Their infectious debut single, “PCH” (Pacific Coast Highway) is a fine example of this.   

Golden West manages to capture the feel of the highway that has captivated the world’s attention for years,  that 655 mile stretch of road that runs from Orange County to Mendocino Country that inspired them to write the song.  Nash has described it as one of the most scenic and beautiful drives in the world.    Knott agrees with her partner, adding that there is something about driving the route that just makes you feel good.  

That same adrenaline rush is something that Golden West feels on the stage.  Knott admits  feeding off an audience is something they don’t take for granted one bit as they  love playing live, and their  fans are no less than "awesome".    When they  get on stage,  they find their fans radiate so much energy that combined with their  excitement, it makes a show magical.

Golden West  write their own music and record and track everything in their own studio.  It’s that approach to creative detail that also comes into play on their tight harmonies, of which Knott says it's  difficult to find that someone that you click with in music.  The pair worked with so many different people over the years,  but it worked with each other right off the bat from a vocal level and that also goes for writing together.   Both Knott and Nash have been collaborating with some of Nashville’s top songwriters, and aim to keep progressing as tunesmiths.

As far as their career from a business standpoint, Knott says their goals for the future are simple. “We’d love to have a song or two on the radio doing well. Hopefully, we can go out touring doing as many shows as we can for as many people. To have the fans be moved by our music…that’s what it’s all about for us.” 


While touring across the nation, Golden West has had the opportunity to share stages with national touring acts including Dan + Shay, Thomas Rhett, Lee Brice, Chris Jansen, and many others.  

Golden West arrives musically just like they roll into a party: full of love, life, and letting go.  Unapologetic in their approach to music, they create songs and stories fully ranging from thought provoking and emotional, to "let's forget it all and set the mood to party mode... Britt and Nash can do it all as songwriters, producers, and performers... If you're looking for a good time, great vibe, pick you up and make your night shine kind of band? This. Is. It." Ryan Sorestad | Songwriter NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 11th, 2020) -

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