Terry Douglas Band

The "Terry Douglas Band" is a mix of classic country, honky-tonk, and old school rock and roll. Terry Douglas, head of the band, was born in Cleveland, OH, and his love for music started early.  Terry  received an acoustic guitar from his uncle, as a Christmas gift, at 8 years old and music, for him, seemed to be the only constant in his life.

Terry's first real gig, was that of a guitar player for a rock band in Akron, OH. Shortly after, he put music on the back burner, but always felt that music was what he was meant to do. Once life happened, he started working in restaurants, eventually moving into the IT field. He began to realize with each passing year of his life, that his music dream was slowly fading away.  Terry could not let his dream slip away, as a casualty of life.  He had to do something to revive his dream, so he picked up his guitar, started writing, started playing more, and eventually started booking his own solo shows. 

Shortly after that, Terry decided to release a handful of songs on ReverbNation , thus catching the eye of a label, who wanted to help him market his music. Little did he know, the label would be a blessing, and a curse. Under the label, Terry released "Living the Dream" in 2014. The album included works from; Terry Douglas (vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin, an dobro), Darron Barrows drums), and Alan Duffy (lead guitar). Before they knew it, the label was no longer progressing forward, and eventually ended in bankruptcy, leaving Terry on his own to push his music. 

During his music progression, he met and married his beautiful wife, Bethany, and they had darling children. Life was going great, but not unlike a lot of  artists he found himself drinking too much, which could have derailed everything.  After a run in with the law, he committed to stop drinking the next day.   As part of his recovery, he started opening up more, writing about his feelings, personal experiences and beliefs and from those ideas, came the album "Written in the Parking Lot" (2017). It was a collection of songs about love, life and things that were real. Six months after its release, Terry had three songs on the Top 20 of Nashville's Country Charts, two of those landing in the top five. 

The latest album, titled “The Devil You Don’t Know”(2019), dug a little deeper into the sober mind of Terry. This song and others on  the track such as “I Think I Need Your Help”, and “Changing”, showed Terry's  reflections on some of  the times he had messed up in the past, realizing that alcohol was the root of those problems.  Terry was growing into someone who was miles away from his old life. The albums included works from; Terry Douglas (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Todd Young (lead guitar), Craig Nelson (rhythm guitar), Jerry Miller (steel guitar), and Mike Rodgers (bass).  The single “I Think I Need Your Help” has been another success for the band.

Currently, "The Terry Douglas Band" consists of Terry Douglas (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Dave Parks (lead guitar, back up vocals), Billy Compton (drums/percussion, back up vocals), Craig Nelson (rhythm guitar), Jerry Miller (steel guitar), and Wolf Waggoner (bass). The band is building a following, as was done in the good ole' days,  playing to the audiences in the bars and honky-tonks.    In demand, they play gigs 2 to 3 times a week and rehearse at least once a week as well.

Look into this up and coming artist and listen to quality County Music that comes from the soul of Terry Douglas.   

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