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After two decades since their last album, Bob and Mike Delevante, known musically as simply The Delevantes, find themselves releasing brand new music in their full length album "A Thousand Turns",  into a thriving international scene of the Roots-meets-Rock-meets-Country sound they helped pioneer some 20-odd years ago.  


"A Thousand Turns"  was produced by The Delevantes', long-term production partner and founding member of E Street Band, Garry Tallent, and multi-instrumentalist, Dave Coleman.   


The Delevantes’ 14-song return to the Americana stage was sparked by an on-stage encounter with long-time co-producer Garry Tallent (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band) at the legendary Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Having been invited to open for Southside Johnny (who were joined by Springsteen and Tallent), The Delevantes found themselves with a new surge of creative energy and an invitation from Nashville’s Blackbird Academy to come make a record. With Tallent and bandmate Bryan Owings on board, their recording sessions gave birth to "A Thousand Turns". 

Stevie Van Zandt and the rest of the DJs on Little Steven’s Underground Garage (SiriusXM Channel 21) have named “All In All” the Coolest Song in the World for the week of September 19-16.   WMOT dug into The Delevantes’ influence on modern Country music ahead of the release of "A Thousand Turns", noting, “Their ability to fuse springy and tuneful Pop Rock with surging pedal steel came as a bit of a revelation.”


American UK premiered the official video for “Little by Little,” writing, “Given their experience in design and photography, it’s no surprise to find, The Delevantes, now making high quality promos for their work. ‘Little By Little‘ shows the brothers have lost none of their talents as songwriters, with the production and their vocal harmonies as sparkling as ever.”


While attending the New Music Seminar in New York, the Delevantes met Jody Williams from BMI who suggested they move to Nashville. “In November 1988, we spent a week in Nashville,” Bob recalls. “We saw Steve Earle live, saw Garry Tallent join Steve on stage, and later met him, and even hung out with Bono and Adam Clayton while sharing the stage at Tootsies. We started to think Nashville might be a good fit for our music.” 


In 1993 the Delevantes made the move to Music City and started gigging all over town. It wasn’t long before they were winning fans and accolades. They played all the notable local clubs, including 12th & Porter, Exit In, Douglas Corner, Bluebird Café, and large city festivals. After securing a songwriting deal at Warner Chappell Publishing in 1994, they shopped demos recorded at Midtown Studio on Music Row. The Delevantes signed with indie label Rounder Records the following year.  


In 1995, they were invited to play the very first Gavin Americana shows which would evolve into the highly influential Americana Music Association. “I remember things starting to move quickly about this time,” Mike recalls. “Having a home in radio again for singer-songwriters that were our heroes, industry folks started to take notice. Being part of that was exciting. Also, Rounder was celebrating their 25th Anniversary so we were a part of some great shows and festivals as well as European tours.”   That same year, they backed Levon Helm who performed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show honoring Jimmie Rodgers.    


But the brothers’ uniqueness doesn’t stop at music. Both New York art school graduates, Bob from Parson’s and Mike from School of Visual Arts and they would often find themselves involved in other creative projects in graphic design, photography and illustration. 


Before Mike opened his successful design studio Delevante Creative, he was a designer at the School of Visual Arts, Associate Art Director at National Lampoon, and designed at ABC, J.Crew, Time Magazine, and Rolling Stone. 


Bob continued to pursue his musical muse and released three solo albums, Porchlight (1999), Columbus and the Colossal Mistake (2007), and Valley of Days (2016), while also launching a successful design and photography studio.   His work includes John Prine’s Grammy award winning final album The Tree of Forgiveness (2018). 

The Delevantes prove they’ve never missed a beat with the release of their full length album "A Thousand Turns".