Twinnie is a powerhouse vocalist, substantive songwriter and has an endearing personality that makes you feel like you’ve been best friends for years although reality is you've only been talking for known her for years for  five minutes.  Calling Nashville "amazing" she  feels like she has a second family and home here.   Living in two worlds, which she finds "cool", she admits to being a  bit of a gypsy by not only heritage, but by nature as well.    “Hollywood Gypsy”  is definitely autobiographical according to Twinnie. 


British country-pop singer/songwriter Twinnie released a reimagined 5-track EP April 17th in celebration of the 1-year anniversary of her debut studio album 'Hollywood Gypsy'.  The record went on to be named as BBC Radio 2's Album Of The Week following its chart peak of number 1 in the UK iTunes Country Chart and a five-week consecutive stay in the UK Country Top-20 Chart. The album has also been streamed in excess of 7 million times across Spotify and was re-released as an acoustic package late last year.

And now to bring a new dimension to the hit crossover record, award-winning performer Twinnie will share a
reimagined EP featuring five songs off the CD as you've never heard them before. Bringing a dynamic and
powerful new stylistic to several of the tracks the York performer will deliver an emotive vocal and allow fans to
find a new favorite with this exciting take on the album.

Released exclusively via bandcamp the collection will act as a bridge to new music from the pop-influenced artist who is currently in Nashville, USA working on new material with a number of revered producers with the project set to be released via her US label BBR Music Group soon.


Twinnie currently makes her home in England, but is a frequent Music City visitor  commencing about eight years ago.    She fell in love with Nashville and although she lives in London,  her family is from the north of England, a place called York.  Although  Nashville is obviously the southern part of America she feels it is very similar to York in  its kind of family values and that it is all about the community.  To Twinnie,  Nashville stil feels like a small town, which is  what initially attracted her.  Sure,  it was very intoxicating music wise but she just found so many people loving on her and wanting her to do well, how could she not fall in love with Music City.


Twinnie,  got her unique name from her Aunt Jane, a twin, who was nicknamed Twinnie. As well as her music career, Twinnie is an accomplished actress who has performed in West End musicals such as “We Will Rock You,” “Rock of Ages” and “Footloose” and films such as The Wife, starring Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, and Christian Slater. 


A performing prodigy  at an early age,  she started singing at her mother’s hair salon when she was only two years old and landed her first modeling gig at four. “It’s always been in me,” she says of the desire to perform. There’s never ever been a question about what  Twinnie was born to do.   Twinnie has also though  had her trial and tribulations like all artists and has  worked hard to overcome substantial obstacles to arrive at this place in her career, and she’s thankful to be where she is today.  For example,  in 2011 she had a "motorbike" accident and was in a hospital for 12 days.  That was a wakeup call for Twinnie  because she became aware she was spreading herself too thin.   It was a defining moment in her  life because it all could have been gone so quickly and suddenly and she appreciated that life is too short.  

Twinnie’s enthusiasm for life is simply contagious, and she parlays her experiences and observations into her music.  When it comes to being vulnerable in her songwriting she opens her soul.   Even as to her own childhood, while she calls her parents "brilliant", she admits they weren’t that good together and therefore the song “‘Daddy Issues" was written.    Expressing  truth in her lyrics and vulnerability she strives to have songs help somebody else to realize, ‘I’m not the only one.’

Though she sang back up earlier in her career for pop stars like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, she’s always known Country music would be her home.  Twinnie's  soul is definitely Country and she would be the first to say that she didn't chose Country music, Country music chose her.