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Tyler Short released his  debut EP in December of 2021, "This Is Me" featuring his single of the same name.    Opening  up his EP with just three simple words, "This Is Me",  shows off the more raw and rough-edged side of Country.  Immediately, it sets the stage for a man who takes pride in whom he is, regardless of the opinions of others.  Whether that opinion is from a girl you thought was "the one" questioning your dirty old ball cap and wanting you to change your ways, or a crowd at new bar wanting to know why you’re wearing a cowboy hat and boots. 

When Tyler Short  released his single "This Is Me" this past summer, the title track to his EP  he connected with the everyday, common man and instantly became a voice they could appreciate and stand behind​.  By telling a story about someone asking him to change his ways,  with Tyler simply refusing in favor of being proud of who he is, his lyrics touch upon the universal truth that being yourself and accepting who you are is all you need.   Tyler Short proves that he is not afraid to spread his message with attitude.


Tyler's lyrics and dedication to the message, paired with an exceptional vocal performance shows his strengths as a singer and talents as an artist, and makes “This Is Me”  a self-love Country track.       Through an instrumental that hits the “Country twang” sound right on target, and lyrics that are dripping with sass and self-confidence the message hits home.  


Short uses the chorus to paint a vivid picture of who he is when he sings,  of being the type to wear worn out denim jeans and pearl snap shirts, drive a rusty old pickup truck, etc..   As the chorus rolls to an end, in anthem like fashion he sings out the fist-pumping line, “if you got a problem with the way I am, you can kiss my blue-collar ass.”     In August Tyler also released an acoustic video for this hit single "This is Me"  which features a stripped down version of the song and showcased his incredible talent  for singing and performance and the immense skill of his band members.     

Tyler Short proves with his  second track, "When You Walked In"  that there are some people that are just captivating, they walk in a room and you have no choice except to be infatuated. There are moments when we look back on our life that we can point to and say that's when things changed. We get to step into one of those moments in this song.

Tyler gives an ample warning to his potential new lover with his charming song "Aint Seen Nothing Yet." The single slots in at track three on the EP and Tyler has written this Country song that tells the story of a woman he meets at a bar.  The song with its very relatable lyrics again hits the chord with the average person.   "“Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet"  is about me trying to tell someone there is a lot more to me than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s just easier for me to communicate through song more than anything else,” explains Tyler.

Tyler Short breaks down the complicated relationship we have with forgiveness in "I Forgive." Short, faces the trauma of an absent father who left without a word. He chooses the peace of forgiveness before his father ever asks for it. This makes it that much sweeter when his father walks back into his life, sober and wanting forgiveness only to learn he has had it for a while.

Rounding out the EP, Tyler Short takes us to the Honky Tonks in "Southern Belle." Cheesy pick-up lines abound and  any  good old southern boy would swoon  for this southern belle. He is so taken with her that he has no choice but to take his shot, as every man in the bar is looking at her and if he doesn't make a move, someone else surely will.

Tyler Short was born and raised in New Jerusalem, PA. with  a passion for music from a young age.    As a boy, Tyler’s mother encouraged him to sing in church and from there his love of music grew. Tyler began writing songs at the age of 19 and has been creating original music ever since. Through his songs, Tyler hopes to connect with his listeners on a spiritual and emotional level so that he can help them deal with the ups and downs of life.


This heartfelt songwriting has led to Tyler playing several live shows, including a set of back-to-back opening performances for Ryan Upchurch.  Most recently, Short opened for Drake White and will be opening for Colt Ford this new year and has several more exciting shows in the works.


Tyler Short began building a solid, grassroots fan base with his first release and  that fanbase has continued to grow with each release thereafter.  Tyler hopes that his songs will help his listeners to cope with the ups and downs of life so he can connect with them on a spiritual and emotional level.  With his love of music and ideals about living life to the fullest, Tyler Short is an artist that will leave any listener wanting to hear more.