Vin Anthony just couldn’t escape the musical bug. From a young age, Anthony recalls learning how to play guitar and falling in love with the special way music moves people. Although as an adult, Anthony attempted to pursue a career outside of music he could not deny his that music was his passion.   Anthony made the decision that  he needed to take his shot and chase down his lifelong dream.  With the release of his new beautiful single, “‘My Everything”, Anthony is well on his to make this dream come true.

Now Vin Anthony is a Nashville singer/songwriter  and recording artist busily  combining his lyrical prowess and musicality into  modern Country music that all Country music lovers will embrace. Raised within a musically gifted family in Muskego, Wisconsin, Vin played local shows with his father at a young age eventually making his move to Nashville to pursue his songwriting and music career. Vince has worked with hit songwriters Tony Stampley, Conrad Pierce and Billy Don Burns while working as a Nashville demo singer and has gained years of experience. He is more than ready to begin releasing his own music and sharing his unique experiences with Country fans.


Before giving into his passion for music, Vin  went in a few different directions  but nothing else felt like it was right.  As Vin got older and tried to pursue a different career he kept recalling the moments that he was alone in my room learning the guitar as the best moments of his life and came to realize that nothing else would ever make him happier than making music.


Vin enjoys creating true Country Rock and new Country music. He is inspired by people like Garth Brooks and Jason Aldean who are always creating something new while never losing sight of what their audience enjoys. Creating music with an undeniable twang to it, Vin also cites George Strait as another one of his influences due to his originality and being a trailblazer in the Country music genre.    For Vin it is always about wanting to  create something that is original but  with a reminder of how tradition  can evolve.  

Vin Anthony's long awaited release of “My Everything” is about the real love he has seen around him. Sometimes he is surprised how some couples love each other, when it isn’t about gaining anything from the relationship, it’s about loving that person for who they are and what they bring to your life.   Vin wanted this song to be a good ol' Country ballad,   emotional and sweet because lets face it,  we’re all suckers for a love song.

Vin Anthony has also released his music video for his  romantic ballad “My Everything” on October 15th. Following a bride and groom on their wedding day.   Anthony’s song speaks for itself as the love story unfolds and the  song cuts through the noise and makes you pause to absorb the enormity of the feelings being expressed.   Anthony insists on being earnest in “My Everything” about finding someone who completes you and makes each and every day precious.  Through his  classic Country crooning and production, Vin transports the viewers and  listeners to a world where the bond of love is the strongest force in existence.  

The cinematography  brings the audience  back to one special moment where the bride and groom are  reading vows from each other prior to their wedding ceremony.  With visuals encapsulating everything that the song, production, and writing tries to convey, everything and everyone else fades and love is all that matters.   Vin Anthony knows the power of that message, “My Everything” is the epitome of a song fit for a wedding, anniversary, or a simple night under the stars and  Vin Anthony knows what it takes to tug on heartstrings and  capture the magic of true love.


My Everything” is the first glimpse of Anthony’s upcoming EP, that will blend his style with all the types of songs he has written,  emotional songs, fun songs, and true cowboy songs.    “I have been out of Nashville for a long time. It feels so good to be back making music and connecting with writers in Music City,” says Anthony. “This single is a lead-in to multiple singles I will be releasing leading up to my new EP.”


Vin has also played legendary honky tonks including the Legendary Tootsie's Orchard Lounge and The Stage. He has also graced the stages of festivals (including Summerfest), casino's and many County fairs nationwide. 

Country music fans are eagerly awaiting Vin Anthony's EP which will confirm the talents of this artist that have just begun to be displayed with the release of "My Everything" which is sure to become a classic.