Country music singer-songwriter Whitney Miller is excited to announce the release of her debut single, "Diamond Country."  Miller is now taking Nashville by storm with her Pop-infused Country dance anthem that contains a roaring beat, dynamic fiddle, and a rolling banjo that is rarely heard these days. "Diamond Country" highlights the finer things in life and proves there is room in this world for a Rhinestone Cowgirl.

"Every day when I wake up, there is a moment where this all feels like a dream, but it is a reality," shared Miller. "I am actually living my dream and that is music.  To be releasing my first single, "Diamond Country" is the thrill of a lifetime and something I will never take for granted.  I wanted to write an over-the-top party song.  It’s really about doing what sets your soul on fire,”  she has commented.  “Diamond Country”  was recorded at Orb Recording Studio.

“The “Diamond Country” music video is also more than a debut video. It’s a permission slip to everyone to fully embrace who you are and have fun while doing it,” shared Miller.   With the release of the video every doubt and worry that has kept her from fully living her dream was put to rest.  While filming, it was important for Whitney to also capture the behind-the-scenes footage to be able to share it with her fans. Offering an in depth look allows the viewers to truly understand the process it takes to create, execute and deliver a quality music video that fans have come to love and expect and can be viewed in Miller’s Behind The Scenes Video of “Diamond Country”.


“Diamond Country”  is another achievement  for Whitney, after being crowned Miss Texas and Miss United States,   having been a former professional athlete, kickboxing commentator, podcaster and MMA fighter she knew there were many things she enjoyed in life and music was at the top of her list.  Whitney Miller is a force of nature with  raw talent, work ethic, and a desire to make a difference on this planet that make her a great new addition to the Country music arena.  

Whitney is a Texas born Country/Rock Pop singer/songwriter living in Nashville, TN.   Whitney’s roots and deep love of writing and performing original Country music dates back to being a little girl in South Texas, growing up listening to acts like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Bonnie Rhiatt and Johnny Cash from her parents' record collection. Today, her sound merges those childhood influences with the early sounds of the likes of  Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson. 


Whitney strongly encourages self empowerment and a fearless take on life. To her, hearing no, is only an opportunity to find a yes.  Miller's overall mission in life is to inspire others to live life out loud.   Prior to her move into her passion of creating music, Whitney specialized in unique relationship and life design. She knows how freeing it is to live life on your own terms, with less fear, and directly supported hundreds of people from professional and Olympic athletes and CEOs, to stay at home parents as they step into their truth and unleash the life they truly desire.   She joined forces with some of the leading scientists and researchers in the field, and  co-hosted an extremely popular podcast that debuted at #50 on overall iTunes charts and now has over 1.5 million downloads.


In her biggest leap of faith yet, Whitney left her home state of Texas for Nashville, Tennessee to chase her lifelong dream as a singer-songwriter. Her vast life experience and comfort in the spotlight allows her to not only create feeling through her lyrics and voice, but also to inspire her audience. Whitney is currently finishing her debut album recorded at Orb Recording studios with an all star cast of guest musicians to be released later this year. Expect a fun, Country/Rock album filled with vulnerable real life stories and lots of attitude.

As the industry says, Whitney Miller is the whole package. You can see  that for yourself by viewing her debut single “Diamond Country”  music video.