Ya Gotta Luv It

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Facial recognition (With or Without Make-up)

I heard a woman say the other day she didn’t appreciate seeing her picture on the Internet without her make-up.  I wonder just how many people actually realize every time they post a picture on Facebook that it becomes Internet property? 


I thought in order to get private posts or pictures off Facebook you had to be the FBI or some government agency.  I thought that until recently watching an episode of Dr. Phil.  The guest repeatedly said they didn’t say this or they didn’t say that and every time without fail Dr. Phil showed on the screen a post that contradicted what the guest was saying.  This included texts, as well as pictures.

Creating your avatar, or having fun with applications that use a filter, all require that you send them a picture of yourself.  It all seems innocent enough and even playful.  Once your photos with or without make-up appear on Facebook it becomes a situation that you are no longer in control of.  You might be wondering what does all of this have to do with the Music Business? 

Do you really think once you post your song on Facebook that you are in control of what happens to that song?  Do you really think just because you didn’t offer it for download that people can’t download it?  Every song, every video, every text, every photo, can and IS copied or downloaded every day!

If you don’t want what you post on Facebook to be exploited then don’t put it on there.  It is quite simple really.  It seems so innocent to post pictures of your new grand baby until it’s parents start suddenly getting bombarded with baby product advertisements.  Your privacy is a thing of the past. Here is a scary story. 


The other day my friend was out running errands when his phone rang.  It was his wife reminding him to pick up some dog food before coming home.  Within 15 minutes after arriving home his Facebook page was full of dog food advertisements.   

If they can get that information from a private phone call, just think what can be done when your song or music is posted on line.   You have to consider, do  you really want your song or  music  everywhere and anywhere? 

Ya Gotta Luv It

Keith Bradford