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A Demo Recording Session to Remember – Part 2

After many telephone calls as well as texts and emails from people wanting to know more about last month’s article involving a song writer paying for his demo with pennies, I was compelled to give a few more details for continuity.

The reason why I told the young man,  it wasn’t necessary to dump out all the pennies to count them to see that there was in fact $125.00, is because anyone could see there was not 12,500 pennies in the jar.  Even though it was a very large glass jar he had them in, it was still obvious it couldn’t possibly hold enough pennies to add up to the demo fee of $125.00 and it would weigh a lot more than it did.

The day of the recording session was a very good one for us because we had 9 other songs we were recording that day besides his.  It had been a good month for us and I decided to let him slide on the fee.  It turns out he was in town for two reasons.  Besides getting his poem recorded into a song, he had been nominated in the lyric division at an Indie Award show to be held that weekend. 

Since our record label was nominated for Indie label of the year, we attended the show also.  By the grace of God he won in his category and was very overwhelmed when he accepted his award. I approached him and congratulated him.  He went on to tell me he didn’t have the bus fee to get back home and needed to be back to work Monday morning.  It felt like a punch in my stomach since I had already let him have his demo for a fraction of the price.  He said that $50 would get him back home.  I handed it to him and his eyes teared up with gratitude.

To this day we still get a Christmas card from him.  He has won many awards for his poetry and songs and has had an audio book published. He always credits us as being a big reason for his success. The reason why I even submitted this story for publication in the first place was to show once and for all it never hurts to “Pay It Forward.”  That guy has given us way more positive and loving publicity than the demo fee or the bus fare. That little bit of kindness has been returned many times over.

By the way we donated the pennies to our grandkids piggy banks and NO we never counted them.



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Keith Bradford