Ya Gotta Luv It

Big Money

By some estimates my theme song, “Ya Gotta Luv It,” has been broadcasted over 10,000 times.  According to my trademark on the title it was established and registered with the state of Tennessee on September 19, 2000.  Since that time not one penny in royalties has ever been received from Broadcast Music Incorporated or BMI for short.

The theme song show opening is 25 seconds long and the full length theme song that is used as the closing song for every show is two minutes and twenty four seconds long.  It is part of the BMI catalog of songs and is fully registered and published with all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed with Barbara Blevins and myself as the writers.

I don’t write songs for a living but if I was depending on the revenue earned in royalties for a song like this one I would look like a ravaged refugee from a concentration camp.  I have talked on numerous occasions about the INDIE artists and how they don’t necessarily put out music for the money but rather the love of the music.  That is how I came up with the title, “The Music Business Ya Gotta Luv It,” in the first place.

This information is given to advise the novists in this industry that believes the money will roll in after their first release to bring reality back to this dreamer's realm.    So in the mean time the only “Big Money” I and most INDIE artists will ever see is what the contestants win on the Wheel Of Fortune television show.  

The Music Business “Ya Gotta Luv It”

Keith Bradford

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