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Be Reliable


There is one trait you must possess in order to be successful in the Music Business.  You must be reliable.  I have actually seen inferior musicians get a job because they had a reputation of being reliable.  On the other hand a person known for not being reliable carries a stigmatism that is very hard to overcome.    As a disk jockey, I have experienced on many occasions a “No show,” singer or song writer while waiting to conduct their interview. Many times I have promoted an on the air interview with a certain guest for over a week, only to be disappointed that they never called in or showed up. 

I had a very good piano player ask me one time why I never used him on recording sessions.  He went on to say that he could play circles around the guy I was using and that I could hire him for the same money I was paying the other guy.  I told him I had a special session coming up and my regular piano player couldn’t make it because he had to attend a funeral. I made sure he knew we started at 10:00 AM sharp and that he should be there ahead of time to set up his gear. He said he understood and the next day we all waited for him to arrive.  At 11:30 he called and said he had over-slept.  We all agreed that he could come on over.  I have to admit his playing was top notch and on most songs performed his part in one take.  It was the last time I ever hired him however.

The old saying, “You’re only as good as your word,” is something every musician, singer and song writer should take very seriously.  It only takes one or two infractions and soon everybody in the music profession finds out about you not being reliable.  This kind of reputation can be poisonous to your career.

The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It

Keith Bradford