Ya Gotta Luv It

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Greeting Cards

Recently one of our granddaughters graduated from High School.  We found a very nice “Congratulations on your Graduation,” greeting card for her.  It was the perfect card and the wording truly expressed how my wife and I feel about her. We put a nice monetary gift in the card and waited for her to give us a call to let us know she received it. 


Several days went by and finally she called and said it arrived and was waiting for her parents to get home from work so they could read it to her.  It was then that I realized the message inside the card was written in cursive writing.  In fact not just cursive but beautifully designed calligraphy cursive writing.  She couldn’t read that card if you gave her a million dollars.  You see this high school graduate was never taught how to read or write in cursive.  When she “Signs” her name on a document she prints it.  She is now 18 years old and her driver’s license signature is printed.


The Constitution of the United States was written in cursive.  Typing or printing is the new form of writing, but many important documents were drafted by hand. Without the ability to read cursive, entire generations of people will lose the means to read these important texts, not to mention most of the handwritten cursive original words and songs so many of our great artists have left for history.  


The Music Business – Ya Gotta Luv It

Keith Bradford