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Call the Number at the Bottom of Your Screen

When watching television, we are exposed to commercials of all sorts.  Some are funny, some are sad, and some are just plain pitiful.  I have known many people in my lifetime that are blind.  I must admit that what they told me from time to time made so much sense and I can’t believe I never realized it on my own before.

 How many times have you heard the announcer say, “Call the number at the bottom of your screen?”  Guess what people?  Blind people can’t call the number at the bottom of the screen because they can’t see it.  Someone came up with closed captioning for the hearing impaired which is a wonderful invention.  Many people who are deaf can enjoy watching a TV program and read along at the bottom of the screen what is being said.  Blind people on the other hand  can hear the audio just fine but unless someone tells them what is written on the screen, they are left out of the information. 

The greatest example I ever witnessed in the recording studio of a way to get the blind piano player to know what the chords were in a song took place one time and I got to see the whole thing.  Each musician had his own mix in his headphones and the blind piano player had his buddy sitting in the control room reading the number charts in his head set.  They were such a great team that the man with his sight knew exactly how many beats ahead of the chord change to say the next number. The piano man was the only musician that heard this in his headphones.  The audio feed only went to his mix.  This is only one way that blind musicians use to overcome their lack of sight and there have been a number of  famous blind artists. 

Audio Books are very popular these days.  Even the audio books, as wonderful as they are, to me cannot display a picture or image.  I thank God I have my sight and hearing.  I wonder how many other people even think about what it would be like to be blind?


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