Ya Gotta Luv It

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Those Guys Are Good

When I was coming up through the ranks as a Country Music musician, I would frequently visit venues that had a Country Music band performing.  A visit to the world famous Hillbilly Ranch in Boston’s “Combat Zone,” stands out in my mind.  The nickname combat zone was a district nicknamed so because on the weekends military guys would go to that part of town where they could find bar after bar with a band playing on stage.  Before the night was over they would get into a fight over something and thus the area became known as the “Combat Zone.”

One night club that became legendary was called the Hillbilly Ranch.  Every Country Music star that existed during those days played that Honky Tonk as well as local favorite musicians.  One night I went there to hear a band I had never heard of before.  There were a couple of ladies sitting at the table next to me.  I overheard one of them say, “These guys are good.”  I then asked her, “Have you heard them before”?  She quickly answered, “Oh no I can tell by the way they are dressed.”

This woman listened to music with her eyes instead of her ears.  It really had an impact on me and I never forgot those words she said that night.  From that day forward I made sure I never went on stage without some kind of costume that made me look different than the people sitting in the audience.  Years later I became a cast member of Country Music USA show in Nashville, Tennessee at a place called OPRYLAND.  The words that lady said that night many years’ prior rang in my head as if she was standing there beside me.  The director of the show had us all dressed in bright sparkly clothes and we certainly did not look like the people sitting in the audience.

The words, “Those Guys are Good,” were spoken by many a person watching that show.


The Music Business “Ya Gotta Luv It.”

Keith Bradford