Ya Gotta Luv It

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A Birthday Like No Other

Every grandparent has a favorite story they can tell about their grandkids.  One of my most memorable moments happened at my youngest grandson's 5th birthday party.  He looked at me out of the blue and asked me, "When is your birthday?"  I told him I was born September 19th 1948. 


His eyes got wide open and he said, "Did they still have dinosaurs back then?"  Everyone in the room laughed hysterically.  It was like flipping a light switch on as it reminded me of the things he had never seen or been a part of in his 5 years of walking around on this planet. 


For example, he never had a record player, and never even seen a vinyl record let alone had a collection of them.  He never walked across the room and switched the TV channel by turning the knob.  He never fell asleep with his transistor radio under his pillow.  I tried and tried to figure out a way to tie this story into the music business.  The best way I can accomplish that is to advance the clock to my own memories of breaking into the music business verses how they do it today.  


If I wanted to learn a song I heard on the radio, I had to go buy the 45 RPM record.  Then came playing the recording line by line as I wrote the words down with pencil and paper and followed by hours and hours of playing along with the record to be sure I was playing all the chords correctly.  Remember the 5-year-old grandson at the beginning of this article?  Well he is 10 years old now.  His parents got him an electric guitar with special software.  He can follow along with the on-screen instructions of where to place his fingers to play the songs included with the package.  If he chooses to sing along, the lyrics are displayed on the screen as well in a karaoke style format.  My "Dinosaur" way of learning the guitar makes me wonder how I learned at all.  


Today's generation has at their fingertips the greatest learning tools in mankind history.   Whether that helps produce better musicians, writers, performers  and artists than the greats of the past is yet to be seen.  


The Music Business - Ya Gotta Luv It

Keith Bradford