Ya Gotta Luv It

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With or without your approval


Did you know that there are numerous software applications available for a free download that allow you to record anything on the Internet?  Do you really think that once you post your song or video on the Internet that it is not available for free download by anyone at any time by using readily available software?  Is it any wonder no one wants to pay money for a song or a video when all you have to do is download it for free?


More and more radio stations are requiring the artists to sign a waiver releasing the radio station from paying royalties.  The ability to earn royalties from broadcasts is diminishing on a daily basis.  The ability to sell your CD’s and Videos is almost nonexistent.  Websites such as YouTube have music posted on their site  in many cases only an hour after its release.   


The ability to tour and sell your merchandise has been stripped from artists and musicians right now and no one knows when it will return, or if it ever will.   


Even though all of this is true, the INDIE Artists still hold their heads up high and continue to put out more and more recordings at lightning speed.  Even when their accountant says, “Where is the return?” The answer remains the same.  “It is all about the music and not the money.”


Long live the INDIE Artists and may they never lose their purpose and integrity.


Keith Bradford – The Music Business “Ya Gotta Luv It”